If you’ve been searching far and wide for a blank template to design your promotional holiday flyers with, then you’ve come to the right place! Whether you need an invitation poster for a Christmas party during winter or a travel leaflet for a deal on a summer trip, we can help you out with our professional gallery of Ready-made Holiday Flyer Templates! To help you save time and effort, our 100% customizable designs contain CMYK colors along with 300 DPI resolution, coming in either A4 or US letter sizes and easy-editable in Microsoft Word. Don’t hesitate --  download now and prep those flyers!

How to Make a Holiday Flyer in Word

If you’re looking to edit a design from our wide range of Ready-made Holiday Flyer Templates with as much ease as possible, then look no further than Microsoft Word! Keep reading to follow our simple instructions on how to make use of it.

1. Entrust Your Editing Needs to Microsoft Word

When it comes to a simple yet effective way to put together a promotional flyer, MS Word is always a fine choice to rely on. It’s got all the features and accessories you’ll need to add and edit necessary written content for your promotion, offering plenty of eye-catching font styles to use at your disposal. With MS Word, you won’t need to fuss over all the needless bells and whistles that come with a dedicated art and design program just to make your handout presentable to the public. However, you might think that you’d be better off choosing some other program from a different brand instead. Maybe you doubt MS Word’s ability to fulfill your commercial needs due to its simplicity.

Well, to help clear your skepticism, you can merely head over to Microsoft’s online store to take advantage of their free trial offer to give MS Word (and their other software) a try. The trial is good for 7 whole days, so you can already get to editing our templates for no charge! And after you’re convinced about MS Word’s capability of delivering the service you need, you can revisit Microsoft’s website later on and pick from one of their monthly subscriptions to fully register to either Office 365 (a package deal containing MS Word plus other programs) or a standalone purchase of MS Word that’s good for installing to one computer.

2. Desktop or Mobile -- Your Choice

So, hopefully, you’re now convinced of MS Word’s reliability or at least giving it a chance. After you’ve chosen which subscription plan to sign up to, you can now download and install the program onto your computer.

Oh, what’s that? You gotta go eat out for lunch first? Well, now you can edit on the go whenever and wherever you need to, since MS Word is also available for Android and iOS devices! What’s more, this software even has features that make use of a stylus, allowing for a more intuitive method of interaction!

3. Dive Into Our Catalog of Seasonal Cheers

All set up?


The next step in our guide is for you to start seeking out a design template suitable for the theme you need to use in your flyer. Go ahead and poke around as much as you need to in our expansive roster of Ready-made Holiday Flyer Templates, then use the provided download link in a template’s respective page to save it to your computer or device.

4. Let the Holiday Creativity Commence

After getting your hands on a shiny new template, it’s now time to let your holiday spirit guide your imagination! String together catchy and memorable lines, make sure to come up with as many drafts as you need for your text and dialog before you’re satisfied and finalize them. Choose your font carefully and get into color theory, so you can truly take advantage of your flyer’s style and palette to really draw in people’s interest.

5. Wrap It All up with a Nice Bow

Add the finishing touches then save your work and your flyers are ready for the world! Whether it’s a Thanksgiving ball at a hotel or an Easter event at a camp, Microsoft Word and our Ready-made Holiday Flyer Templates won’t let you down!

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