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How to Make a Holiday Card in Word

Card-giving has been a tradition for years and years. It has been going around for many significances such as invitations, thank you's, and greetings. These printed cards are more prevalent during the holidays. Per average, there are at least ten holidays a year in the USA that are heavily celebrated by most Americans. These holidays are Christmas, Thanksgiving, Mother's Day, Easter, Fourth of July, Father's Day, Halloween, Valentine's Day, St. Patricks Day, and New Year's Eve. These holidays are meaningful events that people celebrate together.

Along with the heavy commemoration comes business advancement for card producers. People commemorate these important holidays by giving greeting cards to their family. The act has been passed down from generations to generations. Holiday cards can be handmade or digitally-made. So here are the easy steps in making a digitally-made holiday card.

1. Decide which Holiday

There are many holidays in a year. To start making a holiday card, decide which one/s you want to make cards to. In a business perspective, many business people make cards for more than one holiday to sell. They make it in preparation for future holidays. Some make invitation cards for Halloween parties even if there are still months to prepare. Some also sell Christmas greeting cards as early as March. So it is essential to decide which holiday/s you want to create for the relevance of the content.

2. Know the Purpose

The holidays do not just signify the type of holiday card but also the purpose of the card. The purpose of the card varies to the intention of the giver. One can give a card to say thank you, to invite to a celebratory party, or to merely greet. So know which purpose and intention you are aiming for. You can make thank you cards, greeting cards, and invitation cards. All you have to remember is to make sure its relevance connects to the holiday.

3. Visualize the Design

After deciding the purpose of your holiday card, visualize the designs. The designs have to show a correlation with the intention and, most especially, the holiday. If it is a Christmas card, envision Santa Claus, reindeers, bells, winter, and snowman. Then, if it's for the Fourth of July, imagine American flags and fireworks. Let the card reflect the essence of the holiday. You can also decide on the concept of your design. You can go for a more modern look and be simple and minimal, or you can go vintage and all-out with the creative card designs. It's up to yours and the receiver's creative taste. You have to consider the receiver's preference.

4. Design the Holiday Card

To start making the holiday card, open a trusted card maker. In this case, use MS Word. Open the program and resize the blank paper. The standard paper sizes for holiday cards are 5in x7in (with an A7 envelope), 4 1/2in x 6 1/8in (A6 envelope), and 4 1/4in x 5 1/2in (A2 envelope). The format orientation of cards is, typically, portrait. Then, you can start putting the planned designs into the paper. As planned, make sure that the designs reflect the content of the card and the essence of the holiday. The colors have to complement each other and not clash with the other designs and texts. Then, add the necessary text. Include the greeting, the thank you's, and the inviting words. You can refer to many designs online, like Pinterest.

5. Settle Everything and Print

Finalize the printable holiday card and make sure that everything is pixel-perfect for a great quality holiday card. Afterward, save the card and print it.

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