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How To Make A Holiday Invitation Template In Word

Everyone loves a holiday. There's no school or work. It's a lazy day for some; however, to some, it's the best day to throw a party or celebration in honor of the holiday. If you're one of the latter described, then you've come to the right website. For sure, you'll need an invitation to the party or celebration you're going to organize. Thus, we'll be giving you some tips on constructing your invitation for a holiday in the easiest and quickest way.

1. Work With Microsoft Word

You might be familiar with the program, Microsoft Word. This program is known as a word-processing perfect for creating professional documents. Word is easy to manipulate for beginner designers that you won't need a tutorial to use it. You will be able to easily insert images, change colors, and choose from a wide variety of fonts. Test and try the different tools when you start making your holiday invitation.

2. Get The Basics

Let's get to the basics. The basics in a simple invitation card are the invitation statement, the name of the event, the time and date, the venue, the special instructions, and the name of the guest. If you want to cite names, it needs to be their complete name. Try to have a list of names so that you'll be able to keep track of who you're going to invite. However, you might want to exclude the names of guests if it is an open invitation. The fundamental details are typically placed in the center so that the card layout is balanced and readable.

3. Highlight The Holiday

Since you are making a holiday invitation, you need to highlight the holiday you want to celebrate. There are many annual holidays in the United States. They have Christmas Day, World Environment Day, Thanksgiving, New Year, Good Friday, and many more. Some highlighting tricks are making the holiday bolder and bigger than the rest, giving it a different type of font, and giving it a different font color from the content. Most of the time, invitations are distributed days and weeks before the actual event; therefore, highlight the holiday so that people who might be unaware that the holiday is approaching will know.

4. Beautify The Invitation Card

Once you're done, you need to add a background color or background image. The photo and color need to be pleasing to the eyes; the background color and image will depend on the type of holiday. After you've chosen the perfect background, incorporate images, and chose a font color fitting for the holiday party invitation. Be sure that the color will not overshadow the details. Keep in mind that the details are far more important than the design.

5. Produce In Best Print Material

After you're done proofreading your sample invitation, start producing it. Invitations can be printed in various paper or card stocks. Choose one that you think will suit you and your budget. After printing, place it in an envelope that can withstand the delivery process.

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