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A hotel business plan is a document that outlines a hotel’s goals and objectives, the methods to achieve them, and the timeframe to achieve them. According to Madrid, the purpose of a business plan is to identify, describe, and analyze a hotel’s business opportunity as well as examining its technical, economic, and financial feasibility. A hotel business plan is best made with a template.

A typical hotel business plan can also be used to introduce the business to investors, banks, or any other agent when seeking financial support. To increase your chances of getting financial support, take a look at’s printable hotel plan templates. These new templates’ content are editable through the website’s user-friendly editor tool. Just click your chosen template and you will be directed there. However, you can also edit these sample templates through various file formats such as Google Docs, Microsoft Word, Apple Pages, and Adobe PDF. You will be required to sign up for a membership before you can download the template.

According to Excellent Business Plans, a business plan gives a business a 30% chance of growth in sales and a chance to double the business. Meanwhile, 50% of businesses die within five years because they did not follow a business plan. Businesses who do not have a business plan, 25% of them will fail within two years of startup. Within five years of formation, 10% of businesses die and 6% die within ten years. Download’s hotel plan templates now for your future hotel operations or hotel management!