How To Create a Hotel Brochure in Microsoft Word

With the rise of the information and digital era, comes the massive influx of marketing and advertising methods in the market. For this reason, people might think that brochures are old-school and can never compare to the graphic template and digital advertising on the websites and our mobile phones. However, unknown to many, but humanity still yearns for quality over quantity at the very core. That's why an excellent pamphlet with great design is an excellent tool to help your business expand. So, if you desire to create your hotel brochure, some steps are available below for your convenience.

1. Prepare Necessary Devices

Creating a pamphlet can be challenging or manageable, depending on the knowledge of the creator. However, to start, the preparation of necessary resources should be done first by you or the management responsible for creating the brochure. These resources may include the company or the hotel's logos, the photography of the hotel's rooms and areas, and other materials for the catalog. You can also add other company's logos if you want to do advertising.

2. Decide On A Format

When you finished gathering the materials, you can then start deciding on the format of the brochure you wanted to make. There are many existing formats in the market, namely the trifold, bifold, gatefold, half-fold, and others. So choose the most appropriate layout for your hotel sample. If you want to create your very own brochure, you can try and use an empty sheet and fold it in ways you wanted to create. Make sure that you are using the same paper size that will be used later on by the printing machine.

3. Create And Revise A Sample

When you are ready to create a sample, you can try and create one with the help of a professional graphic designer, both the employee of the hotel and freelance, depending only on your choice. If you are skilled enough to create one yourself, you should make one and ask other's opinions regarding the selection. You should try and incorporate the hotel's colors and different designs to your creation. Doing this, you make it so that people will easily remember your hotel whenever they see the material. So make sure to create a complementing way to increase your sales and people's awareness of your company. If people tell something to change about your design, take this as a piece of excellent advice and adjust your layout accordingly.

4. Select The Material

After finalizing your format, you can then start and acquire the materials best for the design. You should try and choose the best paper for your brochure. If you want to make a professional brochure, you can try and make other people do the job. Outsourcing is an excellent way to make your work efficient and straightforward. If everything is set, you can start giving your brochures and let your costumers come into the grand hotel. Invite the Spanish and the French, and anyone who can feel the grandeur of your place.

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