During times where competition is high, businesses across different industry evolve. But what happens if your hotel business lacks management? If you are managing a poorly handled organization, it is the best time to re-assess your organization’s chain of command. That is why we provide the right tool for you through our Hotel Organizational Chart Templates in MS Word. Aside from that, all these files are available in A4 and US Letter sizes. With the right tool in hand, it will help you keep track of the staff’s responsibilities to provide a luxurious experience to guests. Wait no longer, download our templates today! 

How to Make a Hotel Organizational Chart in Word

We now live in an era of consistent industry evolutions. Hotels are among the fastest-growing business today, which means starting this type of business often comes with greater responsibilities. You have to not only maintain peace and order, but adapt to long-term challenges. Most of all, you need to effectively bring out the full potential of your organization on a daily basis. With that said, hotel organization is divided into different departments. There is the housekeeping department, the accounting department, and a long list of divisions to follow. Remember that regardless of your hotel's scale, you are always prone to risks. The number of employees you have does not determine your potential. But what matters the most is the hotel’s organizational structure. The organizational structure defines the appropriate division of tasks and responsibilities. In creating a hotel organizational chart, below are steps that you can follow.

1. Choose a Chart

To get started, use the appropriate company chart. Or, if you opt to create on your own, you can do that in Word. However, business is business. A time consumed is equivalent to money wasted. To avoid this instance, you can download from our selections of hotel organizational chart templates. You can still freely customize it on your own. Using MS Word, you can set it to a new document. Then click the 'options' command from the file tab. Find your template and load it.

2. Segregate by Departments

Organize by departments to quickly incorporate all the details in the next step. You can arrange them by finance, front desk services, housekeeping, maintenance, or room divisions. Make sure to put the proper label in its right place. For example, input the major divisions. Then in each division, write down the sub-divisions. This will be easier to track down employee duties and responsibilities.

3. Supply all the Details

Once the layout is ready, you can start filling in the necessary details. Now, remember that an organizational chart comes in two types of layout: horizontal or vertical. We suggest you identify the broadness of your organization. If you have a larger department, choose the horizontal layout. To write the details, click Insert Text Box from the Insert tab. Drag it to the place where you want to insert the text.

4. Incorporate Designs

Make sure that you create a professional-looking chart by avoiding fancy design elements. But you can always adjust the colors and the text style. Use easy to read typeface. Typically, organizational charts use Helvetica and Arial. So, you can choose between the two. But always remember to balance the colors. If you use a darker background, use a lighter text style.

5. Save and Deploy

Complete the process of creating a simple chart by reviewing it. It’s vital to recheck the chart before printing. But to do this right, let the Executives do the checking. Once everything is done, print your document. Now, you are ready to gather your team around and discuss it.

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