There are such times that we have to celebrate the day of commemorating internationally. We greet each other with a smile and a greeting phrase. But aside from that, there is another way to greet someone—Giving greeting cards. If you are about to send someone and having a problem making a greeting card, then choose our beautifully made International Day Greeting Card Templates. You can avail and enjoy their 100% fully customizable and accessible features in any available file formats—Adobe Photoshop (.psd). Grab one of our ready-made templates now and march to your loved ones and greet with greeting cards!

What is an International Day Greeting Card?

An international day greeting card is a card that contains greeting messages to selected recipients. It is usually given during an international day occasion, such as International Women's Day, International Yoga Day, World Peace Day, International Day of Older Persons, etc.

How to Make an International Day Greeting Card?

Despite being in a digital age to greet with the use of the internet, greeting cards are still alive and kicking. According to the Greeting Card Association, 7 billion greeting cards in the U.S have been sold each year, and over $7.5 billion estimated for the annual retail sales. The traditional way to send greetings is better than sending with an email. So, better start making your greeting card right away with our Card Templates.

Are you having troubles with starting from scratch? Well, worry no more. Below are a step-by-step guide and tips to help you with making an international day greeting card.

1. Start by Generating Ideas

Do you want your greeting card to be big, small, colorful, neutral, or any combination of aspects? I'm sure you have some ideas in your mind if you are about to make a greeting card of your own. If you don't, then you can always choose amongst our sample greeting cards, which you can only find on our site. Determine also the purpose of why you are making a greeting card. Cards are usually given on a special occasion—International Midwives Day, International Day of the Girl Child, International Teachers Day, International Day of Families.

2. Create the Layout and Add Graphics

On your editing software application, start creating the layout of your simple greeting card based on your visualized sized and shape you want your card to be. Add some graphics of your choice. You can just put simple graphics like clip art. You can also choose to use a photo, whether it is your own or downloaded from the internet, as long as you don't have the plan to sell it.

3. Edit the Designs

Edit the designs as long as you are done filling in with the graphics. Modify the colors of the designs and background that won't interfere with the texts. Adjust the placements of the graphics and reshape them. Edit the designs the way you like as long as it suits best to your purpose.

4. Include texts

Now that you are done with designing your printable greeting card, it is time for you to write your message with happy thoughts. Change and choose the appropriate font style, size, and color that matches the design. Make sure your designs don't interfere with your texts.

5. Insert It in an Envelope

After making your creative card, print it. Put it in an envelope and seal it to keep your card good as new when it is open. Send the card afterward and wait for the reply full of thanks. It's much better if you include some greeting gifts together with the card so your recipient will feel your presence more.

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