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How to Make Creative Cards?

Creative cards are versatile cards. They can be used not only in business but also in personal matters such as greeting someone on Christmas or attaching it to a gift. Aside from it is multifunctional, it also has different kinds based on how you use it because it can be customized freely. Promotional cards include business cards and such, while greeting cards include personalized, pop up, printable, etc.

Cards are still widely used even though email and social media are there to provide convenience in terms of communication. Cardmaking can be a fun hobby because it sparks creativity and imaginativeness. Moreover, a stunning and well-written card stimulates a good response from the recipient. Hence, we present you with some tips and guidelines for crafting a creative card.

1. Select a Theme

Creating cards should not be out of boredom or impulsiveness. You need to have a purpose so that you will produce a relevant outcome. That said, you have to determine the motif such as a white Christmas card, or a minimalist photography card. It is beneficial for both parties because a card that is designed accordingly will not create confusion and dissatisfaction.

2. Use a Template

Templates serve as frameworks to your craft, that is why it is essential to choose the best one to achieve the best results. After selecting a template, decide on what editing software application you want to use for faster and easier work. Moreover, figure out what size and orientation work well with your printable card.

3. Customize

In this phase, you are given the chance to experiment with the designs; however, you have to make sure that the components that you are putting compliments with each other. For example, if you are in the entertainment industry and you want to work with a notable actor, you may send him a token of appreciation with a greeting card and your business card attached to it. In that way, you are extending your connection and making business indistinctively. Furthermore, use eye-catching fonts, pleasing color schemes, attractive photos or stickers, etc. Ensure that you are maintaining professionalism in lay-outing.

4. Place the Details

Do not forget to include the important details in your card, whether it is a greeting card or a professional card. For the former, you may write the date, a casual salutation, your message, and closing remarks, while for the latter, you may put your company logo, slogan, contact information — as well as your personal contact details, and call to action.

5. Print

Ensure that you will use the type of paper that suits your craft. For personal greeting cards or sample cards, construction papers are commonly used, but for business cards, you may use the cardstock. However, the cardstock can be used for both types of cards. Afterward, you can print a copy of your craft.

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