Did you know that it is not you who only believes that receiving greeting cards have a great emotional impact on anyone? Even science says so. Even if card-giving started in the early 15th century, it is still appreciated by everyone today. Are you looking for printable greeting cards to give away? Scroll down our site and find beautifully designed templates and choose what card template to avail. These are accessible in Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Apple Pages, InDesignMS Word, and Publisher and are easily editable based on your liking. Enjoy these 100% customizable templates and express your gratitude by sending out these greeting cards to friends and loved ones!

What is a Printable Greeting Card?

The output is always a concern in greeting card-making. Thus, having printable as its feature is an advantage that you should grab in any card templates. Notwithstanding its design and size, a greeting card is a card that features both imagery and words as a form of communication. It features expressions for friendship, kinship, or any other special attachments. This is usually given on special occasions such as birthdays, graduations, weddings, Christmas, New Year, Halloween, and Valentine's holidays. Aside from these occasions, greeting cards can be used for any events. For example, you can create a farewell greeting card for a parting friend or a thank you card.

How to Create an Appealing Greeting Card?

Like any form of communication, greeting card-making is a two-way process. As a recipient of such a card, it would be a privilege to receive personalized greeting cards. On the other hand, as a card sender or a maker, it would be emotionally rewarding to hand a card to someone with or without them knowing.

There are no standard card-making steps to follow; however, you have to be reminded of the important elements, whether it be for design or content, to include in your greeting cards. Shared below are some tips on creating appealing greeting cards.

1. Know Your Recipient

You have to acknowledge your recipient in a way that you have to know their likes and dislikes. You want to build an impression on your simple greeting cards, right? Before you can even do it, spare time to search for the design elements that they prefer. From that, you can now think of your possible card design.

2. Determine Your Purpose

Of course, you will not be creating a card that misleads your recipient. You have to ask yourself first why you need to make this certain greeting card. Know the occasion and the purpose of making it, like for New Year, you will create a new year greeting card. What's the reason for doing it if it doesn't even suit the event or the recipient, right?

3. Decide On Your Card Designs

Do not limit yourself to typical designs, you have the freedom to explore and create your own design without compromising your recipients' likes. You can use different design techniques such as adding some corner punches to put interest in your sample cards, making use of ribbons, and learning the different paper folding techniques.

4. Play with Typography

In your card content, use readable font styles. You have a variety of styles to choose from. However, just a reminder, always choose styles that are pleasing to the eye. The font style you use is certainly important to create a warm feeling toward your recipient. For example, when you make a Christmas Greeting card, you ought to use flowery fonts and colors to match the theme.

5. Add Personal Touch

Make your card recipients feel special by spending time and energy in crafting the right greeting card design. If you wish, you may let them realize your effort in making the card or not. Either way, the simple act of card-giving implicitly relays their importance to you.

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