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How To Make A Simple Invitation Template in InDesign?

An invitation has always been a part of any event checklists. Though it may add hurdles to your preparation, it'll surely help you anyway. Whether it be for weddings, birthday parties, holiday celebrations, bridal showers, and more, these invitations will help you count on how many of your guests will possibly attend your event.

One of the ways to easily craft your invitation is through InDesign. Indesign is a publishing program that has lots of features helpful in your design processes. Its tools are comprehensive enough to use. As long as you have basic knowledge on how to design, surely you'll enjoy creating through Adobe InDesign. We provided below some tips to inform you of the parts that you need to include in your simple invitations.

1. Pick A Theme

If you're planning to incorporate a theme for your birthday party such as BBQ, then also include it in your invitation. This way is necessary for your guests to prepare ahead of time in case you want them to dress according to the theme, and also, for them to be aware and presume the scenarios that possibly happen during the party. The same goes for your graduation after-party.

2. Decide On The Style

You're not limited to the typical invitation style. Instead, you can form it as a ticket, boarding pass, card, letter, or any of your choice. The options, as mentioned earlier, can help you save money for your expenses and at the same time, add gimmick to any of your important events.

3. Add The Details (Only Those Necessary)

Typically, the upper part of any invitation letter states the introductory phrase of the event. Then, followed by the name of the celebrant for birthdays (kids or not), wedding couples for the wedding ceremonies, and also the event itself such as Christmas, graduation, church celebration, company anniversary, and more. After that, you add the dates and the venue of the event that you're handling.

4. Include RSVP

There's no event without a budget. So, to appropriately allocate it, as possible, you need to come up with an estimated count of attendees. Through RSVP, you can ensure that. The purpose of RSVP is to give your invitees the chance to respond to whether they can attend the party or not and for you to also adjust the given budget as needed. You can insert any of your contact numbers or any means of communication.

5. Enclose Your Invitation With An Envelope

For formality, you can also put your invitation inside an envelope; however, this is optional. The envelopes will protect your invitation from getting ruined. You can buy ready-made envelopes, or you can do it on your own.

If you prefer the latter, you prepare a paper with you on the color of your choice, then fold it as an envelope. With this, you can personalize and at the same time save money.

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