How To Make Simple ID Cards In InDesign?

ID cards do typically hold the identity of an individual (especially a member of an institution). Whether in school, in the office, or in any establishment, ID cards are essential especially that it helps the management identify their employees. For you to learn to make simple ID cards in InDesign, here are a few steps and inclusions for you to take into consideration.

1. Refer On The List

Before you think about how you will make an identity card in InDesign, you must check on the list of employees or subordinates first. This will help you determine what to write in their identification card. As you do, make sure to verify the information provided on the list. Review any discrepancies or misspelled details. As a form of respect to the ID card holder, make sure you filled in the right information.

2. Use References

If you run out of ideas in making the ID cards, feel free to shop and utilize id card templates in all computer software or template providing sites. Then, pick the ones that suit your taste and style. Make sure they look professional. If possible, use two or three combinations of colors. Also, never forget to use colors that fit your brand or logo. Aside from templates, you may also look for other examples that you can find in our very own site: pro.

3. Determine The Layout

After you are done thinking about how your ID cards would look like, it's time to launch your InDesign software. Upon doing so, begin contemplating the format you'll use. You may have it vertically or horizontally. Most institutions use vertical id cards but horizontal id cards are way better because it ensures readability on every bit of details provided in the ID card. Then, determine the appropriate size.

4. Fill In The Background

Now, it's time to pick the agreed image that you will use as the background for the ID card. To do so, you simply have to create a new file and browse through your documents and look for the right image. Then, place it on your file. As soon as you did, select the appropriate color scheme or palette which you can do so by opening the switch panel. In order to apply the colors you chose, click the fill button and select your desired background color.

5. Choose The Best ID Card Printer

After you have clicked the "save" button, it's time to think about choosing the best ID card printer. Whichever you choose, make sure it's the one that gives you quality prints. Of course, you don't want to see broken lines or slightly faded designs on the ID cards; that would be too frustrating! This way, you're assured that you avoid inconsistencies with the design and color of your ID cards.

6. Don't Forget The Logo

As soon as your employees wear their ID cards, they already serve as your company's walking advertisers. Therefore, it's important to highlight your brand on their ID cards. Don't just focus on the colors, and graphics for its attractiveness, you should also let the id cards tell your company's story.

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