Whether it’s in a school or work setting, proper identification is important to distinguish the people and know who’s who. In an IT and software industry too, it's important since it helps in assigning the right duties and responsibilities to the right person. The best tools to use for this purpose are identification cards and we have ready-made products to help you make them instantly. Check out our collection of IT and Software ID Card Templates in Apple Pages. This collection contains all sorts of cards like modern, creative, professional, and they are all designed by professionals. These templates are 100% customizable nad printable that will save you time while personalizing them. Know your employees well by subscribing to our templates today!

How to Create an IT and Software ID Card in Apple (MAC) Pages?

Every staff member in your company should have the proper identification to enter the office. Although it’s only a plastic card with the employee’s details, there are other elements to consider when making an identification card. If you need help in making one, don’t hesitate to check out our guidelines below.

1. Know the Fundamentals of ID Cards

To make an ID card that fits the standards and draws the attention of people, you need to know its fundamentals. These include the layout, size, and elements. Start the process by knowing the basics so you’ll have an idea of what details to include and how to arrange them.

2. Make the Layout

Speaking of how to arrange the elements, you should make an initial layout of the ID card. Prepare a plan on paper then proceed to launch a Pages file and start making the same type of layout by taking the desired size page. This will enable you to revise the layout easily. Once everything turns out good, proceed to the next step.

3. Fill Out the Employee’s Basic Details

After determining how to arrange the elements, you can start filling them out using Pages Word Processor. Add the name and designation of the employee. For the latter, indicate if he or she is a website or software developer, an interface specialist, or a computer programmer.

4. Add the Other Essential Details to the ID Card

Other essential details in a modern ID card include the contact details of the holder and an emergency contact person. Since there are times when people lose their IDs, including their contact information helps them get their ID cards back.

5. Incorporate Your Company’s Color Scheme

Consumers can easily identify a product’s manufacturer by just looking at the packaging. This memory power of consumer develops over time and your business branding efforts. In the same manner, people can identify where a person works by looking at the theme of their professional ID card or brand name if you have done proper marketing. When adding colors to an ID card design, make sure it matches with the company’s color scheme.

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