Find a way to keep track of the people coming in and going out of the premises by using identification cards. Especially since you’re in an information technology and software industry, knowing who’s handling the computers is important. Another advantage of using IDs is keeping track of every employee’s assignment. If you need to get started right away, we have IT and Software ID Card Templates in PSD available for download. They’re not only creative but they’re also easily editable and fully printable. Need to keep track of your employees? Start subscribing to our templates today!

How to Make an IT and Software ID Card in Adobe Photoshop

As easy as it may sound, ID cards are more than just a photo of its owner with his or her name written on it. Making one requires a lot of attention since IDs represent not only the owner but the whole entity. Not to worry, guidelines are provided below to ensure you’re making your ID cards the right way.

1. Decide on What Elements to Include in the ID Card

As mentioned above, identification cards consist of the owner’s name and photo. However, you can add more details to a professional ID card if you want. Which is why before making one, it’s best to decide on what details can further confirm the identity of its owner.

2. Determine the Arrangement of the Elements

Let’s say you made a list of the elements to include in your modern ID card, the next thing you should do is determine how to arrange all of them. When doing this, make sure that the overall layout is balanced and there’s enough white space in between elements. Why is white space important? It helps keep the design from cluttering.

3. Start Formatting the ID Card in Adobe Photoshop

The moment that you’ve been waiting for is here, you can finally start using Adobe Photoshop! Start a new project and set the specifics. These include the size, orientation, and background color.

4. Add the Owner’s Name, Photo, and Title

Once the blank canvas is ready, you can start working on the contents. Add the employee or student’s name, photo, and title. Since Photoshop allows you to edit in layers, texts and photos can be resized and moved very easily. Use this feature to your advantage.

5. Complete the ID Card with Other Important Details

Earlier, we mentioned you can add more details to the ID card to further confirm the owner’s identity. These include the name and logo of the company or school that it represents, the owner’s contact details, and an ID number. If the front of the card is full, you can place these at the back instead.

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