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How to Create IT/Software Brochures in Adobe Photoshop (PSD)?

Whether you’re offering a VPN service or a management app, you won’t be able to generate much interest for them without the help of some advertising. Fortunately, similar to flyers, brochures offer a cheap yet effective way of promoting your brand.

As described by, brochures are a versatile material that you can use as handouts or as tabletop displays. So, to help you set up your own custom brochure in Photoshop, we have cited some tips down below:

1. Lay Down a Proper Base

Go ahead and open a fresh file/template in Photoshop. Before starting to work on graphics and content, you first need to prepare a foundation to work with. Set your document’s orientation to landscape and apply margins to make symmetrical sides for the folding.

2. Apply Fitting Visuals

With a base, you are now ready to start. It’s time to prepare some artwork and/or photos for giving an attractive look to your brochure. Since we’re dealing with software and information technology, it’s a good idea to use art/imagery of computers or a sleek graphic design with geometric shapes and patterns. Feel free to have just one image span across a whole side or use an arrangement of smaller ones together.

3. Draft Your IT Brochure’s Written Content

Now that your brochure is looking good, you should frame the message that the brochure is going to convey to the target audience. It takes more than just stating facts and having good grammar to sell your offers--a few clever lines here and there can leave a better impression on your readers.

4. Make Sure Everything is in Order

After completing your composition, go over the entirety of your content, and make any necessary corrections. Next, do one or two test prints before making your finalized copies of your company brochure.

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