Branding is important for every company since it creates a perception of the public to distinguish a specific company better. Letterheads are one of those effective brandings that help in providing expansion of knowledge about the company to the people. To help, we offer ready-made and high-quality company letterhead templates that are professionally designed by experts! All templates are 100% customizable, easily editable in all versions of Adobe Illustrator, and, of course, printable! So download our letterhead templates now!

How to Make Letterheads in Adobe Illustrator

The letterheads serve as a branding identity of companies to help the public instantly distinguish the business enterprise. The power of branding goes to the extent of promotion of the business, as well as its goods and services. Furthermore, it also creates a status for the company, which also benefits the corporate identity of the business. Every document sent to the clients should have a letterhead like business letters, invoices, company envelopes, and any other business stationery. The letterhead comprises of the company logo and the necessary contact information with a design that reflects the vision and purpose of the business. So, here are the steps in making a letterhead in Adobe Illustrator.

1. Determine the Type of Company

Almost all companies use letterheads to expand their brand further and to create an identity for themselves. There is a vast list of companies that use letterhead, like fashion designers, photographers, interior designing business, schools, hospitals, doctors, graphic designers, hotels, and many more. The use of simple letterheads do not only limit to huge company enterprises; it is also applicable to personal or one-person companies. Any business entity who seeks to be known and remembered by the clients can make their very own business letterhead.

2. Decide Which Stationery to Use

Since letterheads are mainly for the company's stationery, determine which of the many office supplies should you embed the letterhead. Automatically, letterheads should be present on any formal and professional documents; however, there are still other means in which you can insert the letterhead. The essence of knowing where to include the business letterhead helps in production. The printing production of letterheads depend on the decision of the company, so be specific in that area.

3. Create a Striking Logo

If you have not created any company logo yet, this is your opportunity to make now. Having a logo helps represent your company better, and it serves as a symbol to help clients distinguish your brand more. Also, having a business logo makes the letterhead more pleasing and impactful. So be creative and create a striking and effective logo in a trusted logo maker software like Photoshop.

4. Visualize an Apt Letterhead

After creating a logo, imagine the newly made logo into the business letterhead. Then, visualize the outcome of your letterhead considering the header and footer. You can find most sample letterheads at the header only, but you can also extend it to the footer, which would depend on your preference. Letterheads do not need any flashy or fancy design; all it needs are simple patterns and attracting colors to complete a whole letterhead brand. So, think of the patterns and colors that suit your letterhead and company best. Then, envision it as an actual letterhead.

5. Combine the Design and Content

To start creating a business letterhead, open Adobe Illustrator and resize the blank canvas to an appropriate size. The size depends on where you are going to use the letterhead on since the stationeries vary in size. Then, insert the well-planned design into the paper. You have to decide on the colors thoroughly since it also serves as a branding of the company; the colors help in distinguishing the company like how people, usually, accompany the color red in Coca-Cola. The colors play a highly significant role in the branding of any company, as explained by the psychology of colors in marketing. So, you have to be careful in deciding the color scheme, as well as the patterns of the business letterhead. Then, include the content which consists of the name of the company, the company logo, the address, and the contact information. Arrange it attractively but also professionally.

6. Finalize the Letterhead

After finishing the letterhead, recheck and correct any misspelled words and unwanted mistakes. Finalize the texts and the designs, Finally, save the letterhead and print it.

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