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What Is an Appointment Letter?

An appointment letter is a letter that companies write to confirm the employment of the chosen job candidate in exchange for a salary and other benefits.

How to Write an Appointment Letter?

Getting a job candidate on board needs a formal announcement through an appointment letter. With the massive number of people that American companies hire, it's no surprise that appointment letters are abundant. If you need to write one, read some of our tips below.

1. Start with a Warm Greeting

Before you invite a job candidate for an appointment, you should greet him warmly first. A warm greeting sets the mood of the entire letter. This confirms the candidate's employment in your company.

2. Invite the Candidate

State the candidate's name and the job position you're offering. Give him the time and address for the appointment. You should have a cordial tone when writing this part of the letter. Keep up the welcoming yet formal tone that you started in the greeting.

3. Explain the Decision

The candidate has to know why you chose him to be a part of your team. Write this part as concise, accurate, and sincere as possible. Briefly state the duties and responsibilities of his position as well.

4. Include Perks

In the next paragraph, write the perks of the job, such as the salary, health insurance, leave credits, paid days off, and other things. The employee should know all of these as part of his new job. You can also briefly write some terms and conditions of his employment.

5. Prompt a Reply

You need to get a response from the candidate's end. Ask him to reply to your letter by leaving your contact information. Tell the candidate that you're looking forward to hearing from him. Lastly, check if your simple letter has the right format.

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