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What Is a Life Plan?

A life plan, also known as a life action plan or life master plan, is a written document to help you coach in achieving a desired and harmonious way of life. It envisions what you can become in a written and detailed manner. Furthermore, with a life plan, you can be less stressful and calmer in living your life. It can be set as a 30, 60, or 90-day plan, 5-year life plan, or even as a 6-year life plan. It becomes more effective when taking things slowly.

How to Make an Effective Life Plan

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You will not be getting there if you do not know where you want to go, a principle by behavioral scientist and author Steve Maraboli stated in one article. We will encourage you more to clear things up by following these amazing key points in making an effective life plan.

1. Know Your Status

To begin with, your life planning must begin with the awareness of where you are as of the moment. Determine what you are and what you are not, what things matter to you and don't, what things you love and don't, to whom you are enjoying and don't. Most importantly, what is or are your limitations? We all have that but you need to be totally aware of them. Prepare a personal plan survey and answer some questions to make yourself aware of your status so you can start building a concrete foundation life planning.

2. Goals

Set your goals. And by setting it, do not be general. "I want to be successful." In what? Set your goals specifically. "I want to be a professional teacher by the age of 22" makes it better. And the fact is, you can list as many goals as possible in your goal sheet! Just remember to be specific on what it is. Next, is to set how you will achieve that specific goal. What are your objectives in making this goal happen?

3. Make It Possible

Take your objectives into action. A big or baby step is still a step. It just means you are moving on to make that goal come into reality. Take all the time you need; do not pressure yourself so much. In setting your actions toward the goal, be specific. Let us take the above goal as an example. To become a professional teacher, you will need to have the necessary degree and then indicate the information in your professional resume. Later on, you will realize these steps will be your first goals and you are starting to achieve something!

4. Your Support System

Every matter in the world needs at least one support system. Everyone and everything can be your support system! You should surround yourself with people who will help you in achieving the best version of yourself. Family, friends, pets, and more depends on you! After you've identified your support system, make sure to indicate them in your communication plan.

5. The Permanent Change

Change is inevitable. Keep in mind that your goals today might not be your goals tomorrow. In that case, comfortably adjust your life action plan. In life, there will always be unforeseen circumstances, some factors that may convince us to do some things we deem better. That is fine. In any aspect, it will be a learning experience.

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