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What Is a Goal Sheet?

A goal sheet is a certain action plan that is designed to motivate and guide the person to his or her goals. Goal sheets help us to be guided with goal setting rules that allow us to be determined to complete our individual goals. An organized person would allow himself to make a goal sheet to help his goals to be sorted out. A goal is important because it helps individuals to focus his or her efforts in a certain direction. Without goal-setting, some people would simply shrug their goals off and procrastinate. A goal sheet can be used in various ways such as for students' goals, fitness goals, workout sheets, employee goals, sales, and more. A goal sheet may be daily, weekly, or monthly.

From the studies of Edwin A. Locke, together with his colleagues, they showed that a more specific and ambitious goals lead to more performance improvement than easy or general goals. In the Goal Setting Theory, when a person accepts the goal in order to attain and does not have conflicting goals, then he or she will be a productive individual.

How to Write a Goal Sheet

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In writing a goal sheet, most researches would highly suggest a S.M.A.R.T type of goal. Every part of the goal sheet must be specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound. In order for you to write a perfect worksheet, here are the following steps to follow.

1. Set your Goals

First, always set your goals ahead. Think about your main goals in one picture. Ask yourself with this question, "What exactly do I want to accomplish?". This section is important because it will help you to define your goal in simple terms. Always take note of the S.M.A.R.T goal setting. Your goal must be specific and clearly focuses straight ahead and it must be easily understood. Set the goals that are measurable and achievable for you. Do not make goals that it is unrealistic and very difficult for you to achieve. Make sure to make relevant and time-bound goals. Allow your goals to be significant to you and be mindful to achieve the goals in a specific schedule and timeline.

2. Plan your Actions

Once you are clear about the goals you set in, you can now create a path on how to get there. This is where you answer the question, "How will I reach these goals?". It is important to think about the action plan in terms of your main priorities and responsibility that will help you move toward your goals. List a set of priorities of actions that should be concrete and obtainable for your own way. Manage to discipline yourself that you are responsible for building your own bridge into your goals.

3. Change the Habits

Sometimes, negative habits are the ones distracting us from achieving our goals. Most of us procrastinate and let our goals be left hanging. If we are very determined to finish our goals on time by using a sample sheet, list down all of your habits that must be changed and ask yourself with, "How do I plan to change this habit?" or assess yourself with why are you doing such habit.

4. Establish your Time Frame

According to an article, goal achievement and success is directly related to how you spend your time each day. The best goals and work plans are a mess if you do not control your time. Your goal sheet must be specific for daily, weekly or monthly goals. Set your goals with a precise date and time for you to accomplish each of them. Arrange everything based on which activities you are going to prioritize first until the last. Make a deadline for each of your goals.

5. Set Your Boundaries

Set your boundaries and do not be distracted with things. Always stick to your goals and always think about how you would accomplish each of them.

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