Planning & Management Google Sheet Templates

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Since planning is the basic and most important function of management, it should be crucial to include it in every level of management. In need of a planning and management document to reach your organization’s goals and objectives? Create one from any of our ready-made Planning & Management Templates you can download in Google Sheets. These templates are 100% customizable, easily editable, professionally made, time-saving, and are printable. All our files have well-researched suggestive content so there’s no need for you to hire a professional or someone who can do the job for you. Just sign up to any of our subscription plans and download now!

How to Make Planning and Management Documents in Google Docs?

Planning can be associated with the management process which focuses on the aim of establishing goals for the business to achieve specific targets to improve and help the business. Proper business planning can point to appropriate management. Planning is necessary for any business because it guides your business. Whatever kind of planning and management document you will have to make, here are some steps on how to make one in Google Docs:

1. The Purpose of Your Document

Before you can start writing your formal document, it is necessary to understand its mission. Why do you need to plan for the business? What is the company's goal? How will your planning process assist your company to get through the risks and problems that may arise? What is the purpose of having this project that you have to work on with? You need to have clear communication with the people you are working with so that you will have more information about what you are working on. 

2. Long-term Goals

In this section, you need to have a vivid picture and presentation of how your company or business will look a few years from now. Do you see it as something that is very successful? Or do you see it as something that may be a failure? Make sure that you set your long-term goals. Long term goals are the goals that take a long time before you can achieve them. However, these may take a long time, but they are very effective to discipline and guide you to strive better to attain them. 

3. Research and Gather Data

Once you write a planning and management document, it is crucial to have sources to your data. This way, you are not just making your own process without evidence. You can gather information about the company budget, or anything that concerns your plan. Make sure that your data and information are something that can be trusted. Your data will have a big impact on your planning and management since these are your bases on making your plan. 

4. Start Writing

You need to jot down all your ideas. Keep your ideas flowing. You can write your ideas in bullet points and lists so that you will not have a hard time reading them. From the information you have gathered, you can now start writing your company plan, write about quality management, write about the potential risk that may arise, or make a Gantt chart for your project and activity timeline. 

5. Be Open to Changes

Once you have made your plan, don't forget that you need to be open to possible alterations that you have to make in the future. No one foresees the future because all you have are predictions and researches. When talking about the future, there are some factors that may affect your plans. So, you can't be too overconfident that all your plans will work. Make sure that you have backups into these possible changes in the future.