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How to Make a Document Template in Google Sheets

A document template is a pre-formatted file that contains necessary text and graphic designer elements needed for making any kind of office or academic document. Documents may be created on paper or by using a computer and then printed on paper or stored digitally..

If a document is created using Google Sheets, it is typically stored as a spreadsheet file filled with tables, rows, and, sometimes, automated formulas or calculations. Once printed, these files will take on a tabular form that end-users can fill out.

To help simplify the document-making process, we have compiled a few tips on how to make this possible. Study and apply all the best practices below.

1. Learn How to Use Google Sheets

To create any kind of Google Sheets document, you must first master the ins and outs of spreadsheet-making in Google Sheets. If you are already familiar with MS Excel, Google Sheets will be relatively easier since the two tools share some features. Also, learn how to use keyboard shortcuts and familiarize yourself with different accounting formulas.

2. Determine What Kind of Document You Need

After mastering Google Sheets, it is time to decide on what kind of document you need to make. Assess your needs and determine what specific document will help organize your business’ or organization’s processes.

For example, you need to ask yourself (or your team) if you need a resume, budget, schedule, invoice, calendar, checklist, receipt, analysis, or report template. These are just a few examples of documents that you can make through Google Sheets. There are some documents that you may create by combining different tools like Google Docs and Google Slides.

3. Follow a Clean and Organized Layout

Now that you have figured out what kind of document to create, you must select a layout for the entire document. A clean and organized layout designer works best since it allows you to present information in an easy-to-understand manner. A clutter-free layout promotes better comprehension and lets you focus on the relationship between the different datasets.

4. Incorporate Your Company Branding Design

Improve brand recall in your customers and employees by making sure that your company branding designs are plastered in most marketing collateral and business stationery. Insert your brand logo, letterhead, or trademark design in everything. From your monthly meeting templates to your company sheet templates.

Adding formal branding elements may also increase the credibility of the document itself. For example, readers are more likely to trust the results and recommendations mentioned in an Report when they see that a legitimate company has conducted the evaluation.

5. Proofread the Document

Accuracy is critical when making any kind of material. That is why, if you are creating a Google Sheet document, you must not forget to proofread your file. This is especially important if you used a pre-made Google Sheet template. Do not always rely on prefilled content.

Reviewing your document also means that you verify all the data used in it. Check if you used the right figures or sources. Failure to fact-check may result in the inaccuracy of the document. This can then lead to the invalidity of any decisions made after that.

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