How to Make a Business Postcard with Adobe Photoshop

Business postcards are larger versions of business cards for different purposes. According to an article about Reasons Business Cards Matter states that business cards are one of the most effective direct marketing tools uses by marketers. Since business postcards are also promotional tools, you can use them in showcasing your business' services and products. To help you start your business postcards, we have a list below on tips and steps on how to prepare yours.

1. Choose a Concept

Whatever you plan on using your business postcards, you must apply a theme that would complement your purpose of making them. Your company postcards depend on the type of business marketing you want to portray. Are you going to have business product postcards or thank you cards? The theme also represents your small business, so you must have your company postcard attractive and functional.

2. Decide on a Content

Just like a business flyer or a business card, postcards must have the accurate information your audience needs to know about your business. But unlike business cards, there are more room for details in business postcards. Since it is also a promotional postcard, it should display the business' name, products or services, contact details, and company address.

Placing high-quality photos of your offered products will make your cards more attractive and informational. Images, like any other marketing materials, will always catch your target audience's attention. Don't forget the usual warm greetings and messages that postcards contain.

3. Pick a Postcard Template

There will always be designated templates in any style of business postcards—wedding planners, photographers, realtors, fashion events, and many more business. These postcard templates have different layout designs that you can alter to fit your preferences from high-resolution graphics, images, and texts. You can freely personalize the postcard's designs once you have downloaded them on your device. Making business postcards with templates will save you time and hassle than making them from scratch.

4. Launch Adobe Photoshop

There are a lot of advantages in using Adobe Photoshop as your editing program. One is that our postcard templates are mostly compatible with Photoshop, and another are the tools and features that the software offers. We guarantee a smooth sail of editing using this software since it is available on any device you have.

Once you have launched the Photoshop, you can open your downloaded template and start editing. Since the card template already has the content you need, all you have to do is fill in the details you have prepared for the postcard advertisement. The software allows you to insert the images and texts you opt to include in the card. In no time, your postcards will be ready for printing.

5. Print and Share

After finalizing your card designs, you can proceed to print. Having your postcard on high-quality paper or cardstock will make it look more professional and presentable. Emailing your cards would also be useful if you don't have time to mail them. You can now share your professional cards to your target audience and widen your potential clients.

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