How to Make a Business Voucher in Adobe Photoshop

A business voucher has various purposes depending on the situation. This may act in replacement of cash, or as a money receipt to indicate a valid payment. To make your very own business voucher in Adobe Photoshop, simply read through these few tips on voucher making.

1. Create a Purpose of Having a Business Voucher

Vouchers are notorious for marketing business brands and boosting sales. For years, they have been successful in achieving attracting customers and influencing them to buy more products from a company. What are your business goals in creating a voucher? Are you trying to introduce a new product? Or are you trying to outshine your competitors? Whatever it is, handing out business vouchers provide a number of benefits to your company.

2. Indicate the Amount of Your Voucher

Who doesn't want to receive free stuff and discounts? People are always on the lookout for sales, promos, and freebies. Use this to your advantage and come up with a good amount to set for your business voucher. Consider your business budget and the possible outcome of your accounting and cash flow if you proceed with offering vouchers. To increase your customer traffic and sales, you need to connect your vouchers to a purchase. How much do you plan to offer your customers? $10-$50 dollars? If you offer a personal voucher, be sure to be available to provide the service when your customers redeem the voucher.

3. Decide on the Quantity You Want to Produce

How many people do you plan to avail of your voucher? The number of business vouchers that you may distribute will depend on the amount of budget you allocate for your vouchers. How do you plan to print your vouchers? The type of paper you choose is a factor you need to consider in your budget.

4. Organize Your Voucher Information

Indicate the information you want your customers to know. Emphasize your call to action such as the amount of your discount or the, as well as the images you want to feature. At the back of your voucher, allocate a blank area for your customers to fill their names and other contact details. Then, include your payment terms and conditions, as well as the expiry date of your voucher. Reports show that giving a limited time offer for discounts and promos helps big companies circulate their cash faster compared to not giving any at all.

5. Design Your Business Voucher

Be professional with your voucher and create an official design for your voucher. Get creative and choose a standard size for your vouchers. Whether it is a discount business voucher, a business expense voucher or a business travel voucher, your designs have to connect with your theme. Use high-quality images and background colors that complement your content, and make sure that the font styles and sizes are easily read by your customers. Make it simple but eye-catching to your readers.

6. Distribute Your Vouches

Once you are done printing your printable vouchers, you may begin to disseminate them. One option is to give them during membership sign-ups for new members in your business, but don't limit yourself to that method. Keep in mind that your aim is to gain more clients and customers, and not waste your resources.

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