Remember the time when you went to the hospital to get a check-up? You've probably seen the doctor scribble something on a piece of paper with your name, age, address, and other related details. Well, that piece of paper is what you call a medical prescription. It is mainly used to right the doctor's findings about your condition and the appropriate treatment and medication plan to help you get better. Generic black and white prescription forms are mainly used, but nowadays these mundane forms are catching up with the the latest trends. Change is good and doctor's who want to make little changes with their prescription pads will surely love our ready-made prescription templates in Microsoft Word.

Choose from our collection of high quality and beautifully designed blank prescription templates. We have templates perfect for making veterinary prescription pads, dentist prescription forms, general physician prescription pads and many more. Our templates come with attractive color schemes and space saving layouts perfect for those who want to completely change the look of their prescription forms. They're designed to be easy on the eyes to keep them useful and efficient. We also have minimalist designs that for those who want to keeps things simple. Templates are great time savers because all you need to do is download, edit and print them according to your preferences. Besides our templates are convenient, versatile and user-friendly so they're definitely a perfect match to every doctor's busy schedule.

Save yourself the hassle and get more done with these templates!

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