How To Create A Sales Report in Google Docs?

A sales report is an analysis report that gives a sales overview of a company. It also shows trends on what is happening to the sales volume of a company over time. Industry sales data uses graphs and charts to project the sales activity either on a weekly, monthly or annual basis.
Even a small business practice this so that they will be able to know their total product sales for the month.
Companies show this kind of report through a powerpoint presentation. And we are giving out some tips that can help you summarize your sales report.

1. Understand your report

Before you present any kind of report, you must study and understand it first in order for you to deliver a much clearer overview of what you are going to do when you face your boss. It is not that difficult, especially if you use our ready-made template. If you are looking for a project report, we can provide you with a sample.

2. Choose the right information

Choosing the right information for your report would make it more informative, but do not overcrowd your report with too many words because people might get bored just by listening to you. Go directly to your main point and explain it further by giving out a sample.

3. Gather data

Obviously, you need to gather as many data as possible to back up your point. You need to gather facts related to the report that you are making to make it more reliable. If you gather data, you have to consider the fact that you should have searched for questions that your report can answer, and you also need to evaluate the outcome of your research and choose what is more important for your report.

4. Choose visuals

Visuals are additional information for your report. Graphs represent data that are numerous and is difficult to understand by the use of text. that is why if you are going to use a graph, you need to indicate a clear descriptive legend on each graph that you use. you can keep your graph simple so that anyone can understand what it is all about. You don't have to put any unnecessary details or be wordy to it because the graph itself will explain already what its content is all about.

5. Add your context

A context is a form of an explanation of what really is happening especially if you are writing a status report about your sale. numbers cannot directly explain what their meaning is if the one who is doing the report won't explain it further. In business, If you are going to present a marketing sales report, you have to explain further how that report would affect the business and how would the owner benefit from it. All reports require context because the one doing it would eventually explain the data that he/she has gathered by sorting out files from the company.

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