For retail companies to grow and offer more products to their customers, they will need to meet their goals consistently. Especially for small and startup businesses, meeting their goals is essential for success. One way for them to achieve that is by creating an organizational chart. Instead of making one from scratch, we have Sales Organizational Chart Templates in Google Docs available. These professionally designed products are 100% customizable, guaranteed to make one in no time. Help your employees understand the company's structure by subscribing to our templates today!

How to Make a Sales Organizational Chart in Google Docs

According to the website, Hierarchy Structure, organizational charts are essential to any business due to its benefits. This tool helps everyone in the company fully understand the chain of command. If you’re planning on making one and you prefer to use Google Docs, guidelines are laid out for you below.

1. Decide on a Type of Organizational Chart

There are different types of organizational charts to choose from. There is the hierarchy type, matrix type, and flat type. Before you start making one, be sure to decide on a specific kind of organizational chart that works best for you and the company.

2. Understand the Company’s Organizational Structure

Another thing that you should be mindful of when making this diagram is the organizational structure. This refers to the outline of tasks and activities in an organization to direct them towards their goals. Understanding this will also lead you on how to make your chart.

3. Gather Information about the Sales Personnel

After deciding on a type and understanding the structure, it’s time to get to know the people in the organization. Gather all the necessary details, from the CEO to the brand managers and marketing agents. These details will comprise the majority of the diagram.

4. Create a Simple Sketch or Draft Design of the Organizational Chart

To ensure that your company organizational chart looks understandable despite the complex structure, create a sketched version of it. Use simple shapes to represent each person and draw lines to connect them.

5. Make the Most out of Google Docs’ Tools and Features

Even though Google Docs is more of a document processor than an image manipulation tool, it’s still capable of rendering basic shapes and graphics. So, whatever features Google Docs has available, make the most out of it to bring the best out of your chart.

6. Add Enhancements to Your Sales Organizational Chart

Don’t settle with a bland organizational chart. There are times wherein customers want to see a company’s chain of command to understand who to approach if they have concerns. Add enhancements to the design. Make it appealing and informative at the same time.

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