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What Is an Elegant Resume?

An Elegant Resume is a document that showcases your qualifications, credentials, and skills in a systematic order. Over time, simple resumes have evolved from traditional ones to the beautiful and creative ones. Whether you are an experienced, an entry-level, or a student applicant, you'll need a comprehensive resume. Creative resumes increase your chances of getting a call-back because of its aesthetic and eye-catching layout.

Among all applicants, 75% of these are disqualified because of their resumes. Here is where an elegant resume proves to be helpful. A visually pleasing resume will encourage the recruiter to read your resume further. Make sure the aesthetics do not interfere with your content. In a weak attempt to impress a recruiter, some applicants will go as far as falsifying information in their resumes. 53% of resumes contain false information, and recruiters can sense this before the interview.

How to Create an Elegant Resume?

Your resume should help you land that coveted job. To craft an impacting resume, read our recommendations below.

1. Make It Easy to the Eyes

Since recruitment officers or managers spend less than a minute reviewing your professional resume, it would be wise to present your resume simply and pleasingly. This refers to the format and font of your resume. It pays to be conscious of how you submit your resume. A cluttered resume will increase your chances of being disqualified.

2. Have a Resume Format

Enlist your qualifications, skills, and educational background in a reverse chronological manner. This means arranging them from the most recent down to the least recent ones. Also, include only relevant information in your modern resume.

3. Pay Attention to Your Fonts

Ensure font readability. The most commonly used fonts for resumes are Arial and Calibri with font sizes between 10 and 12. Like we have mentioned before, keep your resume simple for an easier skimming by the recruiter. For an elegant resume, you are allowed to have a decorative font. Make sure not to overdo it.

4. Review Your Contact Information

When you are considered for the position, recruiters will immediately get in contact with you. Don't forget to update your contact information now and then. These are your contact numbers, email address, home address, or LinkedIn profile. Don't forget to double-check these in your corporate resume.

5. Make Use of Bullet Points

Recruiters usually skim basic resumes. For them to absorb the information within seconds, summarize the critical points by putting them into bullet points. However, keep your bullet points to a maximum of two sentences.

6. Proofread

Before handing in your creative resume, don't forget to proofread your resume. Check for spelling errors and typos because these can distract the recruiter and may even lessen your resume's quality. Double-check, especially contact information. You may have your resume reviewed by another person.

In summary, your printable resume is your ticket into whether you'll get interviewed or not. You may have graduated with flying colors or have a long list of credentials---but if you do not know how to craft a simple resume, it will carry no importance.

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