School is fun. It plays a huge part in our childhood and teenage memories. What's your story for ending up studying in your alma mater or the school, college, or university where you are currently pursuing your studies? Were you persuaded by a friend? Was it your parent's decision? Or was it your own choice? Regarding that matter, how did you know about your school? Were you convinced by the written benefits in a school flyer? Learn how your school administrators prepared them through our Ready-Made School Flyer templates. These flyer templates are downloadable and editable in Adobe Illustrator, PSD, Apple Pages, Microsoft Word, and Publisher. Continue to let students cherish all their learnings!

How to Create a School Flyer in Microsoft Publisher

School flyers are pamphlet-like promotion materials of colleges, universities, and other educational institutions used to persuade and encourage students, with the approval of their parents, to enroll in a specific school. There are guidelines for posting and distributing promotional materials in schools, such as flyers.
Keep on reading because right below are the guide steps to make them using the computer software, Microsoft Publisher.

1. Gather the School’s Promotional Details

Define the purpose of the flyer. If you are to conduct an open house inside the campus, note the schedule of the visitation. If you are the students to mark their calendars for an upcoming school program, present the necessary details. And so on. Mostly, schools promote school activities to increase student’s admission. You might consider this a good tip: Conduct special academic and non-academic lessons or classes during summer for students who want to build up their talents and skills. Your school campus would be an ideal place to use as a venue for those enrollees to have a glimpse of the school’s ambiance and that they may be encouraged to enroll in your school. Gather the information about the dates, schedules, room venues, etc. together with the name of your school and the organizing class or committee that aims to make the event happen.

2. Design the Flyer

Microsoft Publisher provides great publishing tools for your graphic materials such as this school flyer. Start designing the flyer now by filling the blank page document with a design of your choice and the theme color of your school. Add colors to the flyer with your images to showcase the school’s creativity. Obtain our fully accomplished school flyer templates above, which you can readily customize in Publisher. Find other editable templates in Publisher’s template library. Select your desired template, open the file in Microsoft Publisher, and get ready to do the detailed work.

3. Post your Announcements

Start writing the details of your school’s announcements. Choose a font style and size that will accentuate the important details of the flyer. If you are using a template, change the contents of the flyer template you have selected earlier into your school’s promotional details. Ascertain to it that you are inputting the correct details. Go over the flyer details and correct any instance of misspellings and other kinds of errors. This is to be confident with those details you present to parents and students.

4. Produce and Distribute the Flyer

Once everything is perfectly fine, click the publish button to save your document in Publisher (.pub) format. Print many copies of the school flyer to be able to distribute it to hundreds to thousands of upcoming freshmen for the school year that is to come. You can also post this promotional flyer on the school’s social media or website account to market your school as widely as possible. Create more promotional needs for your school with our school templates that are available in various file formats. Get them now!

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