Whether it's to attract prospects and increase the number of admissions, announce a newly launched program, or hype the student body with an upcoming party, nothing beats the golden flyer distribution. They're cost-effective, easy to peruse, and encourages direct interaction with your target audience. However, they need to be attractive enough to entice attention. Our vast selection of professionally curated School Flyer Templates in MS Word is here to do the job. They come with high-quality designs and suggestive content in various themes and categories. Let your marketing tools represent your institution well. Download now!

How To Make a School Flyer in MS Word

An article in the Globe and Mail concluded that while digital ads may be a promising route, consumers stay loyal to printed flyers. The article featured a study by BrandSpark International that included 18,700 Candian grocery shoppers. It was found out that an overwhelming 95% of them still check flyers, either by mail or in-store. The majority of them get printed flyers while only 23% look for it online. The result is a testament to printed marketing's enduring influence in promotions. They remain to be among the prime tool in advertising.

1. Identify Your Purpose

First, identify the focus of your marketing flyer. To introduce summer programs? To announce a dance competition? To simply advertise your school? You might also need to determine your audience, whether they're in kindergarten, elementary school, middle school, or high school. These ideas will guide you on how you can structure your content and your poster design. If you're a design rookie, you might as well visit the web and look up flyer making tips and examples.

2. Draft Your Content

Now that you have all the ideas you need, it's now time to write your promotional flyer's content. Do not forget to include relevant information such as time, date, location, and contact number. Depending on what your flyer is all about, you might also need to include brief instructions. An effective promotional flyer consists of a call to action and tagline, so be sure to incorporate that for advertisement.

3. Use a Template

Seeing that you're going to use MS Word as your application, you may need to rethink about starting a flyer from scratch. MS Word is a document-centered software. It doesn't contain all the required design tools to create graphic material. The best way to get around this limitation is to make use of a template. This provides you with a complete layout that allows you to change the content with your own easily. You can find the best choices on our flyer template collection. Customizing has never been more comfortable with our templates' scalable vectors. Go see for yourself.

4. Personalize with Photographs, Artworks, and Design

The readymade format of your creative flyer shouldn't limit you to make more adjustments other than integrating the texts. Don't hesitate to manipulate the colors to fit your school's branding. Visual elements such as photos and artworks are an integral part of any marketing material. Be sure to include your own. These adjustments will make turn your flyer's identity as something that's yours without going through the trouble of making it from scratch.

5. Proofread the Outcome

Completing your professional flyer doesn't mean your work is now done. Never miss out on proofreading your output. Your marketing tool should represent your school well. Make sure that the content is impeccable. Look out for typos and grammar errors. Check your announcement details and confirm if you have encoded the correct time, date, venue, and other information. Misinforming the public even once can undoubtedly taint your reputation.

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