What is a School Report

A school report is a comprehensive document that shows the evaluation ratings of the students. The scores or grades are from the performance either in exams or projects. It aims to inform the status of the students to their respective parents. Plus, it also serves as a track record for future reference or part of the school's archive. Nowadays, they are seen and distributed online, while others still make use of printed cards.

How to Create School Reports in Publisher

Having a clear school report demands time and utmost care in making it. From making it organized to get approval from school heads while catering to parents and children, meeting the objectives is a must. Since it is an official school document, you to make it carefully. Here are the following steps to get you started with your school reports.

1. List the Details to Show

Similar to a report card, you have to ask: “what details to show?” Since the aim is to inform students and parents about performance ratings, then the information such as grade equivalents and comments should be part of the report. Moreover, continue thinking on making considerations like including attendance record sheets and respective behavior ratings in each subject. When every aspect is thought off, list down the details that are needed to be displayed.

2. Organize the Information

Once you are finished making the detailed list, the next step is to arrange the details accordingly. Better organization makes the report easy to understand and navigable. Plus, it is well-plotted out when the report already speaks for itself and addresses all the needed inquiries of the receiver.

3. Give Scale Interpretations

Grades and ratings need to have corresponding interpretations. A number is just a number, and a letter is just a letter. Thus, what do these symbols mean? What do they stand for? Always include the scale interpretations as a necessary detail. It is like giving a business report without comprehensive analysis. Thus, no meaning.

4. Use Appropriate Printable Materials

Although digital copies are a trend, printed copies have that sense of legitimacy. In giving school reports, you need to make sure that the paper used is appropriate. You do not want your school reports to be easily torn and thrown away. Use the material that entices people to keep and shelf it as a substantial performance log. Once saved, it is a potential future reference document.

5. Select Presentable Table Designs

Choosing which table design is appropriate and presentable for the school report needs continuous considerations. The design can help soothe the eyes of the reader as well as cement the organization of details. Consider it as a well-constructed menu for ratings. There has to be enough space in the table to accommodate the information. Enough for letters, numbers, words, and even statements. Also, division of tables is necessary when presenting a different kind of information. You can have separate tables for scale interpretation, attendance tracker, and grades.

6. Apply Friendly Colors and Fonts

Blend simplicity and creativity for an appealing presentation. Do so by applying colors for both design and highlighting essential information. Consider using fonts that are readable and friendly, especially concerning relatively to the size used. Some fonts are barely readable when the size is small, and some colors are too glaring. Not only creative and straightforward but also functional.

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