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How to Plot Your School Schedule in Word

It is vital for a student to have their tasks organized properly so that they can have time to both develop their mind and rest their body. According to, spending eight hours per day in the classroom is what the majority of high school students are accustomed to. On the opposite side of things, about two to four hours of studying is spent by college students. While it varies, each student must have a schedule to keep themselves on the right track. If you’re having any trouble plotting your schedule for school, then here are some suggestions you can follow to get started.

1. List Out Every Task

Think of all the important things you need to be doing and note them down in your school timetable. Start with the classes you need to attend to such as Math or Spanish. Then the things you need to do such as homework and other extracurricular activities. Listing them all out helps you remember as you flip the pages through your schedule.

2. Note Timing and Location

The daily class schedule in high school and college can be quite hectic so writing down the time and location of your classroom schedule and other tasks help you remember where you should be at what specific time. Take note to organize them in a chronological manner. Avoid lumping together your early morning classes and afternoon activities one after the other or it will cause you confusion and make your schedule incoherent.

3. Write Down Contact Details

If you need to meet someone or call a place, then you can list down their contact information into your schedule in case you forget. You can add them alongside your class or task related to it. For example, placing the number of the school library right next to your plans to visit there. You can also add someone’s email address or a website link if you have a task that needs to be done online.

4. Track Your Progress

After you get through a class or an activity, make it like a checklist and mark it down. Doing that can give you a sense of accomplishment, and having small victories like these can give you the motivation to get through the next thing on the day. Doing this can also help you remember that you’ve already done this and focus on the next task or class ahead.

5. Make Time for Rest

It is good to take a break from studying. Having classes weekly and doing extracurricular activities can be quite overwhelming. So make some space for your schedule to rest or even take a short break. This doesn’t necessarily mean you have to take a nap unless you need that badly. For example, schedule time and allow yourself to do some relaxing activities or hobbies like jogging, or reading a book in your favorite cafe. Work and rest go hand in hand so include these into your school schedule as well.

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