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What Is a SEO Cover Letter?

A SEO cover letter is a document that highlights a person's skills in the SEO industry. SEO stands for search engine optimization, and it contributes a lot on how people use the internet.

How to Write a SEO Cover Letter

According to Search Engine Journal, SEO jobs grew 6 times faster than any other job market in the United States in 2018. The convenience of the internet is surely one of the factors for this growth. If you want to jumpstart your career in this kind of field, you must write a cover letter to express your intentions. Read our tips below in writing one.

1. Give a Short Intro

Introduce yourself briefly. Include your present job, your length of experience in the SEO industry, and where you learned about the job vacancy. You can also say that you're a freelance worker if you're not affiliated with any company.

2. Focus on What You Can Contribute

Some SEO jobs are entry-level, so you should have a humble approach in writing this part of the letter. Simply write about your potential contribution to the company if you ever get hired. Tell them that you fit the job perfectly without sounding too arrogant.

3. Emphasize Skills

Highlight your skills related to SEO. You can include your prior job experiences and projects to give further credibility to your resume. Your creative endeavors related to SEO are also a huge advantage.

4. Wrap Up

End your letter with a hopeful tone. Encourage the receiver to read your sample resume. Go through your letter and spot some spelling and grammar errors. You need to have a perfect output since SEO is an industry that mostly relies on writing. Most importantly, keep your letter short.

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