Not all service proposals are created equal. That is the reason why some are get looked over while others help businesses get jobs and land on lucrative contracts. For sure, you want your proposal to work for you rather than against you. The way around is to be more strategic in writing a service proposal. On a report by Better Proposal in 2018, it found that proposals with covers convert 44.7% better than those without a cover. However, the 55.3% conversion rate relies on a proposal's other parts.

A good service proposal is composed of several parts including an executive summary, statement of need, proposed solutions, qualification, timeline, costs, and legal requirements. To create a more convincing impact, download a Services Proposal Templates from our collection. With all these stencils, persuading your readers will be easier. On top of that, you can save time because our templates come with editable content written by our professional writers. And for your convenience, use MS Word to edit your service proposal.

Get started by browsing through our trove of different types of ready-made templates. The benefit of using one is it promotes consistency in your entire document, which is one vital characteristic of a compelling proposal. Download the template that suits your need. Make sure it meets the expectations of your readers by creating an attention-grabbing introduction. The truth is, most readers do not have the time to read every single proposal. If you start strong, you will pique their interest. Then, tell your audience your unique experience, so they know why you are the best company for the job. After that, do not forget to mention your solutions and a quality-control plan. Lastly, end the proposal with clear pricing.

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