How to Make a Service Voucher in Word?

A service voucher is a piece of paper that entitles a person to a certain amount of a discount, a free product, or service for a set duration of time — the key thing to remember is that it is a fixed amount and usually has a specific voucher code. Service vouchers can be used to reward customers who help keep your business up by frequently using your services or buying your products. Here's how you can make your service voucher:

1. Open MS Word

The first step is learning how to use MS Word to make this job easier for you. The thing though is that there is no "service voucher" layout here; instead, you can use the gift certificate layouts and go from there. So when you open the app, go to the search bar and look for gift certificates. Now that you've got your canvas, you can start creating.

2. Make It Presentable

Now that you have a layout, start designing it and make it look good. A service voucher shouldn't just look like a receipt, it must be eye-catching, a bit flashy, and fun — it should feel like a reward and not just another formal document you take to the counter. You can design your service voucher in so many ways; you can have a color scheme that is similar to the company's trademark colors, put in your logos or images relevant to what the voucher offers, and so much more. But try not to overdo it with the designing since you still need to leave a few spaces for a few more needed details.

3. Put In The Necessary Details

Your service voucher needs to be clear about what it can be exchanged for. Whether it be discounts for services from travel agencies, computer shops, tour guides, construction materials, or car repair services, free breakfasts at a certain restaurant that is in partnership with your business, or even free laundry services if the customer has no idea about what they can avail from the service voucher, they won't be as incentivised to take the opportunity. Do also make the reward worthwhile since you want to make the customer or employee feel like being loyal to you means a lot (think about it, who would want to spend 300 plus dollars worth of groceries for just a free chocolate bar that's barely a dollar?). When done right, it can be a powerful marketing tool that can increase your profits and give you high customer satisfaction rates.

4. Include The Voucher Code and Customer Data

What makes any voucher special is that it comes with a unique code that registers the document to your business and makes the document valid. Do not forget to put this string of numbers and letters on both the card and on your database. To also show who registered the service voucher, do include spaces where the customer can fill up necessary information like their name, address, contact number, and email. It also helps if the service voucher has the manager's signature on it.

5. Print When You're Done

When you're done, take a few minutes to inspect your work before you actually print it in mass. Save yourself the embarrassment of glaring mistakes by proofreading for 5 minutes.

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