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How to Make a Timesheet in Apple Numbers

Aside from its apparent role for an employee's compensation and benefits. Timesheets are also records crucial in project management. Each time entry indicates the total hours the worker rendered for a particular day. In total, the sum shows the total hours the employees worked on a specific project. The following information can help draft a proposal for a similar project in the future. It can serve as baseline data for future projects.

1. Have a Fixed Period

Organizations follow various periods on when to release salary. Some employees receive their pay on a monthly, weekly, or bi-weekly schedule. With this information on hand, employees can use this knowledge to their advantage when they receive their payslip. This knowledge can aid them in calculating their expected pay for a particular pay period. However, the management decides the schedule and not the HR specialist.

2. Include Employee Information

An employee information sheet solely for salary purposes is highly essential. These pieces of information are for the payroll. Payroll includes information such as the name, employment status, address, date of birth, and the government-mandated benefits that they are entitled to. In knowing these benefits, government number is also part of this list. This list also consists of the tax deductions if applicable to the status of the worker.

3. Create Clear Segments

In drafting your spreadsheet, it should cater to your company's needs. In line with this, each business type can have various sheet formats and categories. For example, restaurant timesheets may include segments on their time ins and time outs, including the breaks in between. It is ideal to have a separate column for overtime work and work done on holidays. This distinction is to avoid confusion in tallying before releasing the salary with the corresponding benefits.

4. Prioritize Accuracy

Digital timekeeping provides more accurate data, but using printed timesheets can do just as well. In coming up with the most precise date, the management should be transparent with all the calculations in coming up with the total sum. Being accurate and transparent also goes beyond the paper; this also means being open when there are questions about the compensation. Prioritizing these will ensure higher employee satisfaction. Plus, it will avoid conflicts that may arise to legal complications and complaints.

5. Familiarize Laws and Regulations

Throughout history, there was always a fight for better wages and benefits. And to be part of the class fighting with the workers for a better life, it is best to orient and know state laws and regulations about basic and just wages for various occupations. There is a need to research more on stipulations about overtime pay, night differential additional pay, and special rates when working during holidays. Also, know more about hiring students and children to avoid possible legal complaints. It is also best to orient with the different cases of leaves and the valid grounds for termination. You may also consult your personal or company lawyer about these terms to compensate your employees rightfully.

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