Family Tree Numbers Templates

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What Is a Family Tree?

A family tree can easily be defined as a diagram containing family members of a particular bloodline. Its name is derived from its structure since it is intended to resemble a tree with its trunk and branches. Also known as an ancestry tree, this chart usually contains pictures of each family member along with details that best describe them such as their date of birth, profession, and hobbies. 

How to Make A Family Tree

Since making a family tree is common in schools when students are asked to illustrate their family's history, we've provided instructions below in case you need it. However, it's important that you equip yourself with a bag full of tools and information to give yourself a good head start when creating a family tree. To be guided in what needs to be done, don't hesitate to refer to the list of instructions below. 

1. Gather Everything That You Need

Before you begin inputting information, make sure that you've got everything thought out including both tangible and intangible resources. If it's helpful, you can make a sample checklist containing the materials and equipment. To make sure that hindrances in the process are kept minimum, only proceed to the next step after crossing out all items in your checklist.

2. Collect Pieces of Informations for Your Family Tree

For you to start collecting pieces of information for building your family tree's content, you will need to get them from various sources such as social media accounts, photo albums, certificates, or from family member and relatives themselves. To further guide you in this process, you can also make a separate sample list containing the source materials or the names of the people whom you will be gathering information from. 

3. Make a Draft of the Family Tree

Once you have everything needed for your family tree, you can start building your sample family tree. Although family trees are commonly for school projects or personal purposes, you can also use it for showing off your ancestry. If you're doing the latter, then your family tree will need to be creative and informative, and you can easily craft one if you start by making a draft of the layout and content. 

4. Download a Reliable Template 

If you lack time in creating a simple family tree from scratch, we recommend that you download a template instead. By downloading a template, your next move is to simply fill in the blanks with the information necessary. And of course, refer to your draft while filling in the details, your draft will serve as your guide as you continue building your family tree.  

5. Finalize the Family Tree 

Once you're done filling in the template with details, review the written content to make sure that everything is correctly spelled and placed. The same goes with the photos of the family members, make sure that they're placed over the correct names to prevent misleading people. And to finalize your family tree project, save it in a printable file format and produce copies of it when needed.