How to Create an Event Schedule in Numbers

Whether you are an entrepreneur, regular individual, employee, or event organizer, if you have a lot of events to host, organize, or to participate in, you need to create an event schedule. Below are tips you can use to organize your schedule of activities. You can start by following the steps below.

1. Jot Down the Lists of Activities

Before you start crafting your schedule layout, write down your tasks and events, and place them on your notes or lists. You should also provide the specifics and information on your list so you have an idea of what you'd like to do about it. Plus, you can also include the date if it's necessary.

2. Choose a Duration

How much time do you have for the preparation of the event? You can choose a duration depending on the type of event you want to implement. You may choose a one or two-day plan if its a conference or a seminar. Or if you're going to organize your activities for the year, you can create a one-year program. You may even include the names of the events that you want to happen within the year.

3. Select a Method

There are different systems you can use to manage your sample schedule. One is from Tony Robbins, who popularized managing the program into chunks or sessions. This method works when you divide your activities every 30 minutes or whenever convenient, depending on the details of the task. This method also applies to regular individuals, students, or employees.

4. Ditch Out What's Not Important

If there are activities or portions of your plan that hinders you from fulfilling your goals and plans, then omit that event. You can reschedule it for some other time. However, you must focus on the projects that are necessary before entertaining other things.

5. Open Apple Numbers

Open the Apple Numbers software on your computer to create a new document. Insert tables that fit the categories you want to include. This can range from time, date, and descriptions. Then you can input all the details that you want to put there. When you're ready, you can organize your simple schedule layout so that it would be easier for you to manage.

6. Print and Follow

When done, save your file and print it. Print your schedule by using a durable paper so that it can last you a long time. Apply and follow what's written in your plan so that you will be able to achieve your goals.

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