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How to Create a Report in Apple Numbers?

Whether we like it or not, reporting has been a part of our business and corporate culture. Sustainability reporting even became a norm already. An article from the Harvard Law School Forum on Corporate Governance and Financial Regulation about the State of Integrated and Sustainability Reporting in 2018 stated that 78 percent of the S&P 500 issued a sustainability report for the most recent reporting period. Although this statistic appeared in the Harvard article, initially it was the Silicon Integration Initiative, Inc. (SI2 is a leading research and development consortium) that gave out the numbers. This sustainability reporting though includes more than just the usual things, as it also covers environmental and social performance metrics — bringing these S&P 500 companies to the center stage.

With that, we know that business reports or any reporting are a valued instrument for tracking and examining performance and overall business health. A well-documented report, for example, will reveal nuances related to core business functions, and not just that, it also opens opportunities to improve and make market gains. The most successful way of doing this is through clear and concise writing. A well-written report is always appreciated and down below are specific steps to help you in writing your document.

1. Define the Purpose

Your first step in writing your formal document is by defining the very purpose why you wanted to write one in the very first place. You might want to write one due to an unforeseen incident or a charity event that you are overseeing. Whatever the reason is, you must have it on your mind so that you can write something consistent.

2. Use Concise Language

When you have your purpose identified, you can start writing your report. Remember to start a draft first and while doing it, be concise in your language. Use an active and engaging style to capture your reader and clear out any misunderstanding or confusion that might birth from making something so creative. Take note you are writing a monthly or weekly report, Therefore, make your words simple but professional for your boss or anyone who might read your write-up later on.

3. Organize Your Ideas

Another thing that you need to remember is to organize your ideas while writing your report. It is not enough that you write every emotion while experiencing the event or doing the investigation to make your work or status report interesting. Instead, you must write it in a manner that makes your reader understand every step. That is why you must organize the flow of your report, think of the reader.

4. Use A Template

After finalizing what you wanted to include in the write-up, you can download any of our available report templates here in Our website has a vast collection of samples that are beautifully designed and professionally written by designers and business gurus. Use one of our templates by downloading them for free.

5. Edit and Do it Again

You are almost at the end at this point, but you must go back and edit. Proofread your report. Check for any grammatical mistakes or errors. Read through and check if your document can be read by anyone smoothly. You might finish this today, but be sure to do some practice and make some reports again. In doing so, you allow yourself to learn, and although perfection is not achievable, at least you know that you are indeed doing an excellent job.