Software is everywhere and a big part of our daily lives. The moment we open our phones, we're already using its software to send messages, make and take calls, and check our social media accounts. However, software comes with a much bigger price. These need trademarks, license, and maintenance for a smooth user experience. Software is bound with an agreement to ensure that it won't be used and abused in the worst way possible. If you're stuck with writing an agreement for the software you have, browse through our collection of templates to find one that fits your situation.

We all know that it's not easy to develop software. It comes with endless hours of coding, trial, and doing it from the first step. Employees need more than just knowledge to ensure that the software works on all screen devices. At any point of software development, you need to come up with an agreement. We have confidentiality agreements and nondisclosure agreements that come with pre-written text. Use this as your guide in writing these contracts. End user license agreements are also common in software development. We have similar templates to help you in writing one. Confidentiality is the biggest factor in these kinds of templates, and our pre-written content will give you an idea on how to write this part.

Customize your template in our editor tool if you haven't downloaded it. You can save your work in Microsoft Word for easy access later on. Reach an amicable level of agreement with softwares by downloading our templates now!

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