With time, the purpose of using business cards is broadened and has become an essential tool for professionals and businesses. Despite being an industry that leans towards the digital world, IT and software companies use business cards as well. Here, we have IT/Software Business Card Templates in Microsoft Word available for you to download. They're easily editable, printable, and they are perfect for any type of It and software business you run. Don't miss this opportunity, save your valuable time using them rather than spending time on designing them. Subscribe to our ready-made templates and download them now!

How to Create an IT/Software Business Card in Microsoft Word (DOC)?

Believe it or not, many historians think business cards were initially used as "visiting cards" in China during the 15th century. Aristocrats and nobles used such cards to make their presence known. Using business cards is one effective way for professionals to leave their name and contact details to a prospect or another professional. Dictating your IT and Software business details to people you meet is not only unprofessional but also leaves a bad impression. If you need help creating a business card using a simple word processor like Microsoft Word, feel free to go through the guidelines provided below.

1. Start with a Strategy

Every process starts with a strategy. This will help you keep track of what you did and prepare you for the next step. Develop a strategy and identify how you want your details to be presented in your business card. Also, having a strategy will guide you on how to incorporate your brand into the layout without overshadowing the content.

2. Deal with a Decent Layout

To prevent problems, use a specific file format and a compatible editing tool. Business cards have very limited space, and you need to use it properly without overcrowding the layout with too many elements. Be creative but don't overdo it as unwanted elements will ruin the layout.

3. Formalize Your Work Title

Technologically advanced job titles such as "Software Developer II" sound professional. Still, it can be quite hard to put into words what a software developer does for someone who has no knowledge of it. In that case, use terms that are easier to understand or do not require further explanation.

4. Use an Accessible Contact Information

To make it possible for people to contact you easily, don't just settle only with your phone number. If possible, add two phone numbers, an active email address, and social media accounts on your corporate business card. Of course, make sure that these contact details are accessible.

5. Print Then Distribute

The very last step for you is to start printing your business cards. Unless you prefer to have your business cards done by printing companies, always invest in high-quality card stocks and printer toner to bring out the best features.

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