Software building is a complex process. To ensure that everything will fall into place, starting from the development process down to deployment, you need a diagram that presents the functions, development, and status of the software you're making. Great news! Our website offers ready-made and high-quality Software Flowchart Templates in Microsoft Word that allows you to present a workflow or process visually. These contain suggestive headings and content that you can edit and freely customize. And these can be downloaded and printed in A4 and US Letter sizes. Download a template now to ensure the outcome and quality of your software project!

How To Create A Flowchart In Microsoft Word

According to an article published in Computer World, there are approximately 18.2 million software developers in the world. And they're using flowcharts to analyze, plan, document, design, and develop software.

Follow the guide below to create a flowchart for your software project in Microsoft Word.

1. Brainstorm the Algorithm or Process

To begin, brainstorm the algorithm or process that your flowchart will present together with the team. And list down them down in order so you won't get confused as you form the chart later on.

2. Add and Supply the Shapes

With the data you have, you can now form the software flowchart. To start, select, and add a shape to your document. Then, insert the text to the shape. Continue doing this until you have entered all the data in its designated shape.

3. Arrange and Connect the Steps

After inserting all the data into its designated shape, arrange them in sequence to form your simple chart. Then, connect them using an arrow connector so that it's easy to identify the flow of the process or algorithm.

4. Fill the Shapes with Color

Use a color scheme to identify decision-making steps or highlight a specific path or other things in your flowchart. Doing so will also make your chart look fun and attractive.

5. Review the Chart

Go through your flowchart one more time to ensure that there aren't any errors or mistakes. Then, present this to others and have them point out the errors and mistakes.

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