Software development is a tough task even for software developers, such as yourself. Mastering all those coding skills and programming languages takes a lot of effort. But what if you're asked to develop software for your client? Can you present it on time without using a planner? Let's not be hasty and jump into action without properly equipping ourselves. If you need any assistance in planning your project, feel free to check out our ready-made templates on Software Planner.  Available in MS Word format, these templates are professionally-written and 100% customizable for your convenience. Finish your tasks in no time and download one today.

How to Make a Software Planner in Word

Planners may sound old school; however, according to a study made by psychology today, using a planner can improve your productivity by organizing your task and keeping track of your progress from time to time. With planners, not only are you using your time effectively and efficiently, but you are also giving yourself great satisfaction after checking things off from your to-do list.

And if you are still interested in making one for yourself, here are a few tips on how you may create your Software Planner in Word:

1. Create a Project Charter for Your Software Planner

This planner is not your ordinary daily planner. Start by describing your project, its scope, your objectives in making it, as well as the benefits it offers to your client. State the duration of your project planner and indicate the requirements you need, as well as its current status.

2. Define Your Project Roles and Contact Details

Whether you are trying to propose a software application, a software security system, or a cloud hosting service for your client, you need people to develop and manage the project. Indicate the members delivering the project and detail their duties and responsibilities. You may add their contact details such as their phone number and email address, as well as their job position inside your planner.

3. Plan Out Your Project Structure, Design, and Management Plan

Your planner serves as a roadmap for your project. Place your design plan and your project structure in the planner. Note how your idea may develop and indicate your project risk management plan.

4. Indicate the Timeline of Your Software Project

You need excellent time management to deliver your project. Make use of tables and charts for your project timeline. A Gantt chart is very useful in tracking down your progress.

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