Summer is all things bright, fun, and exciting! The season incites wonderful shared moments for every people across the state. It’s also an excellent time for business marketing opportunities. Its theme drives leisure and frenzy that never fails to invite attention and positive response. Promote this season’s hottest deals and sizzling offers with our collection of Summer Flyer Templates. Its high-quality layout comes with original design and artworks made by professional designers. Gets yours in MS Word, PSD, InDesign, Publisher, Illustrator, and Pages, which you can easily edit and print upon downloading. This is your chance to make the best out of summertime, so download now!

How to Make a Summer Flyer in MS Word

The summer’s inviting heat is not only a good time for an advertising pitch, but it’s also a perfect period for the students to start their business early. The Balance Small Business lists several amazing ventures to spend their time out of school. These include lawn mowing, house sitting, tutoring, and exterior house cleaning. And what a better way to publicize your services through a cheap yet reliable medium? Make your own summer flyer by following the steps below:

1. Determine Your Style

To complete your layout, determine what style do you want to follow. You might have decided on summer as a theme, but you’ll be needing more information than that. First, check out your flyer’s purpose. This will serve as your ultimate guide on how you’ll present your material. If it’s an advertisement for a new restaurant dessert, you can use bright and appetizing colors. If it works as an invitation to a music party in a beach club, you can use tropical designs and artworks to complement the event. This step will enable you to make the blueprint for your overall design.

2. Layout Your Content

Having decided what style to use, you can now start planning your content. Any marketing flyer follows a simple rule: it should be informative. More than enticing your target audience to avail of your products or services, they should be provided with the right information. Craft a brief but informative content. For example, if you’re offering discounts and promos, you should clearly state the price rebate and other freebies with a short instruction on how they’ll be able to get it. You should also be reachable by including your contact information, location, social media handles, and webpage.

3. Aim to Stand Out

Your business flyer should be attractive enough to grab the attention of many people. This is what will drive your marketing endeavors to success. Employ a bold and catchy headline or tagline by using creative typefaces in high contrast shades. A compelling header will raise your audience’s interest, prompting them to go through your entire material. If you’re promoting an institution, a program, or an activity, lure them by highlighting irresistible benefits such as an opportunity to meet a famous personality.

4. Use Branding Elements

Your promotional flyers are a great avenue for you to spread awareness about your brand. This is a good strategy if you’re new to the business field. Do this by using your brand’s design such as logo, color schemes, tagline, font style on your flyer. This will be distributed to many people, and in a way, this will serve as your introduction to the public.

5. Get a Flyer Template

Starting a flyer from scratch is a challenging task, especially if you lack the talent to do graphic design. You can follow online instructions and manipulate the application to your own liking, but you’ll never beat a professional experience. Use a flyer template instead. This will present you with a complete layout that you can easily adjust to fit your needs. Choose from our wide variety of templates and pick a design closest to your desired theme. You’ll wrap up with a fine result within a few clicks.

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