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What Is a Supervisor Cover Letter?

This cover letter is specifically used by those who are applying for the job position of a supervisor. Since there are various kinds of supervisors in every industry, the contents of this particular kind of cover letter vary from person to person.

How to Write a Supervisor Cover Letter

It is a supervisor’s job to organize tasks, manage productivity, and help their fellow employees. These responsibilities pay well, as according to Statista, by May 2018 restaurant supervisors have a wage of $10.48 by the hour, which is higher than the wages in the previous years. When writing your cover letter, you need to make these qualities evident to your future employer in order to get an advantage in getting hired. If you need help in writing it, continue reading and follow some of these suggestions.

1. Do Some Research

Before getting started, it will help if you do a bit of information gathering regarding the company you are applying for. That way, when you are writing your cover letter, you can tailor it to make yourself a more appealing applicant to the hiring staff. For example, if you are applying for the job of a site supervisor in a construction company, try to find out the values and the mission of the company and mention them in your letter. It will show your potential employer that you took the time to know what their organization stands for and that you are interested enough to join them.

2. Share Your Qualifications

Definitely mention at least one of your work experience and elaborate on the details. While your resume presents your job qualifications, your cover letter allows you to elaborate on them. For example, if you are applying to be a security supervisor, then you may share your experiences on how you started as a security guard and how the skills you have acquired can make you an ideal candidate for the job post. Sharing these in your cover letter will make you an ideal applicant for the job in the eyes of the hiring manager.

3. Use Specific Terms

When writing your cover letter's introductory part, try to avoid just using the word supervisor. There are different kinds such as production supervisor, customer service supervisor, and so on. They all have a different kind of task, so you need to be clear in your letter about what job position you are applying for. There is a possibility that the company is hiring two different kinds of supervisors, so it will help to specify which one in order to avoid any misunderstandings during the hiring process. Do this, and both you and the hiring staff will be on the same page.

4. Double-Check Beforehand

After you are done, take the time to check the drafts of your cover letter for any mistakes. These could turn off your potential employer and risk your chances of getting a callback. Ensure that your cover letter is absent of typos and misinformation. Check if the cover letter has a good flow, and reorganize it if it doesn't. Once you are sure it turned out great, you may send it and get ready for that callback!

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