Add a little flair to your gift by making good use of our Gift Tag Templates in Microsoft Word file format. Provide additional eye candy to any present by accompanying it with a beautifully-designed and appropriately made gift tag. Download any of our gift tag templates anytime and anywhere on any device. All templates are made available in 2.13x4 inches print size and come with standard Google fonts and photos. Edit with relative ease and print at the comfort of your own home or office. Get them for free in any Microsoft Word version by downloading and using our gift tag templates now!

How To Make Gift Tags In Microsoft Word

Gift Tags has two purposes, it helps recognize a gift, and it adds a personal touch to a gift. Placing a gift tag on gifts will touch the heart of your recipient, especially when you add a personal message. Gift tags are in the form of small card-like paper tied or pasted along with a gift given on a special occasion. It sometimes contains the name of the recipient and the sender with a short message for the recipient. They are usually sold whenever you bought a gift wrap, but why not try making your own? With our gift tag templates, we guarantee you that you will be able to produce a gift tag suited for the occasion. Download one of our templates here on and read our provided tips in making a gift tag.

1. Incline The Tag According To Occasion

Imagine receiving a Halloween themed gift tag when the present that comes along with it is for a wedding? To avoid disappointing the recipient, always incline the design and label of the gift tag to the reason why you are handing the present. If the gift is for Christmas, then the design of the gift tag should be related to Christmas. Not doing this will confuse the recipient what your reason for giving the gift is.

2. Find Gift Tag Templates Online

There are a lot of gift tag template online, but we assure you that the templates here in our site are the best. Our gift tag templates are all beautifully-designed and contain suggestive contents. They all have vector design that will guide you when you start customizing the design of our templates. Save yourself from the hassle of starting from scratch and instead download our templates.

3. Customize The Tag Using A Software

Many have thought that Microsoft Word is only for document type of project but, in fact, Microsoft Word can be used with design documents. Explore something new and customize our template using Microsoft Word. The software has buttons that can make your design process quick and smooth. No need to worry about the grammar of your short message on the gift-tag because Microsoft Word has an autocorrect feature.

4. Add Personal Message

Touch the heart of your recipient and express your sincere gratitude to them by writing a short message. A simple one sentence or phrase will definitely make them smile. If you are making a thank you tag, then it will be best if you write a short thanks for your recipient. The good thing is that our templates have suggestive content that might help you what to write for a message.

5. Print In Proper Size

Our templates have a high-quality graphic image, so no need to panic when you want to print the gift tag in a bigger size. But, the thing is, gift tags are usually small in format, so we advise sticking what is typical. The gift tag will look funny if it is bigger compared to its standard size. It will also lose its purpose as a gift tag if it is bigger. Instead of looking at it as a gift tag, the recipient will likely mistake it as a card.

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