Festival Ticket Templates

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How to Make a Festival Ticket

Did you know that the word "festival" was from the word "feast" that focused on harvest? Today, we're using festival in almost anything that resembles huge celebrations like music, plays, and more. So, if you have any hosted festival, we'll help you make an event ticket for a festival with the tips below.

1. Incorporate the Festival's Theme

The look of your festival ticket is crucial to get people's attention. When a simple ticket has a beautiful and eye-catching graphic design, people can easily notice it leading to better sales. To get there, you need to start deciding on your design first. 

As a tip, you need to incorporate the theme (summer, cool, wedding, rustic) of the concert festival, beer festival, or others to your ticket. This way, people can quickly recognize what the ticket is about.

2. Add the Basic Details

In the next part, your editable ticket must contain the important details to inform your audience about the festival. You must include the title of the ticket, ticket number, time, address, date, and website so people can visit your page for more information. Additionally, you can include a little detail of the music lineup in your ticket (music festival) to excite your audience.

3. Use Readable Typography

A ticket's function doesn't only focus on admitting the owner to the festival but also informs the owner about the event. That's why it's important to choose readable typography to make the ticket's details legible. Additionally, don't use too many typographies on your modern ticket because they can ruin your ticket design. You can use at least three typography on your ticket to make it neat.

4. Advertise Your Tickets

Lastly, your tickets' designs aren't enough to grab people's attention because you need to advertise the festival. You can do that by writing blogs about the event, post on your social media, or create competitions and give your VIP tickets with discounts. This way, you can get early bird reservations for the festival. 


  • What benefit can I get from using's festival ticket templates?

      Our templates can save you time because instead of starting from a blank ticket, you can start in the middle. Our tickets are ready-made, so all you need is to change the details like the title, time, date, location, and others, which is very convenient for you.

  • In what size can I print my festival template?

      The festival templates in this site are available in 5.5x2 inches with bleed. 

  • Is it worth it to buy a festival ticket template?

      Yes, it's worth it to buy a festival ticket template on this site because once you download a ticket, it's yours to keep, and you can use it as much as you can. 

  • What kinds of festival ticket templates can I download from this site?

      You can download ticket templates for music festivals, festival concerts, fall festivals, jazz festivals, food festivals, summer festivals, rock festivals, beer festivals, Christmas festivals, and more.