Vacation Rental Flyer Templates

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What is a Vacation Rental Flyer?

A vacation rental flyer is a piece of paper containing pieces of information to advertise your property as a vacation rental for aspiring customers who wanted to rent. It is usually handed out in streets or public places that would attract customers who are on vacation. It is the best resort for an advertisement as it is the cheapest and easiest way to do it. 

How to Create Vacation Rental Flyers

To lure tourists to rent your beach house or corporate housing, you must make a creative yet informative vacation rental flyer. One benefit of a flyer is it would guarantee you a that your invested resources hit the return on the investment that you needed. So if you ask, how can I create an effective and creative vacation rental flyer? Well, to help you, here are quick tips in creating a vacation rental flyers.

1. Maintain a Brief Content

If you consider the design of your overall vacation rental flyer, the space for your content would be limited. Write your information in a concise way. Avoid cramming the pieces of information just to squeeze it in. For instance, if your resort can be rented, indicate necessary information about it. Remember — emphasize the essentials.

2. Make Digestible Sections in your Flyer

The overall appearance of your text can greatly affect the reader's interest. Writing blocks of texts would make your clients discouraged and would not book a rental with you. To avoid it, consider using the classic bullet points format to orderly arrange the information in each section. In that way, pieces of information would be easier to absorb. 

3. Formulate a Catchy Headline

Who would be bored if the first words of your simple flyers would be eyecatching? The headline would be the first thing the customer's eyes would land and so it must be catchy and remarkable. Try to make it catchy to hook them to read further about the available vacation rental properties you offer.

4. Add your Personal Information

A tourist would love to book for a vacation rental if the flyer would contain the address and contact number of the property. Do not forget to add the complete directions to your location and indicate a contact number or email address for future reference. Along with these, you can indicate the most important part of your vacation rental flyer — call to action. The call to action lets you talk to your readers to call you or message you for further information about the property. Feel free to be creative in making one.

5. Proofread and Print

After the overall process, you can now proceed to the last but definitely not the least step — proofreading. Mistakes can be off-putting. Small errors like typos or grammar mistakes can steal the reader's attention over the information itself. To avoid it, proofread your flyer over and over again. If you are not confident enough, you can let someone proofread it for you to point out unbiased mistakes. Afterward, revise your sample flyer and print it. Start distributing it to your customers.