Vacation Leave Letter Templates

Need to Take a Break from Work for Personal, Medical, or Family Reason? Then You Need’s Free Editable and Printable Vacation Leave Letter Templates. Choose from Different Kinds of Professional Document Samples Online with Different Content Details including Subject, Vacation Request Application, Date of Leave, Work Management Plan During Absence, or Availability Timing. See more

Free Vacation Leave Letter Template, Printable, Download or Share via Email

Writing a letter to take a break from work need not be hard with’s free printable vacation leave letter templates. Get template samples in simple fillable outlines with original content that you can edit using our handy document editor tool to replace or modify highlighted content. Use as a leave request from work, school, or business for submission to your manager, teacher, or security guard. Download for printing or sharing via email.

Edit Vacation Leave Letter Online for Free and Download

Whether you’re a student, employee, or a service staff member, choose from our free vacation leave letter template examples and edit your choice online so you can submit your letter for approval. Use your custom letter to file your leave for personal reasons, medical reasons, travel, family holiday, annual leave, wedding, or for casual leave reasons. Download our templates for free in PDF file format.


  • What are the general types of letters?

      Letters are generally divided into two types: inquiry letters and information letters. Inquiry letters are documents that intend to ask for provisions, may it be a request, product, or service. On the other hand, information letters inform a recipient of an upcoming provision. 

      A vacation leave letter falls under an inquiry letter type because you are requesting time off work.

  • What are the types of writing letter styles?

      1.    Descriptive
      2.    Narrative
      3.    Expository
      4.    Persuasive

  • What are the types of paid time off that employees can avail of?

      Of course, the types of leave an employee can avail of can all depend on the company. However, here are a few possible types of leaves employees can avail of:

      1. Vacation leave
      2. Sick leave
      3. Personal time’
      4. Holidays
      5. Bereavement
      6. Parental leave
      7. Jury duty
      8. Voting time
      9. Military leave
      10. Compensatory time

  • What does PS mean?

      Postscript (PS) comes from the term post scriptum, which literally means ‘’written after’’. This is usually embedded at the end of a letter, earning its meaning.