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What is a Vacation Leave Letter?

A vacation leave letter is written by an employee or student to request some days off from work or academics. With it, you can address your authority about your upcoming vacation.

How to Write a Vacation Leave Letter?

Employers highly appreciate employees who request their vacation leave a few weeks ahead of time. Apart from employee filing purposes, this gives the impression that employees respect their employer. If you are planning on taking a leave for a wedding, anniversary, or other personal events, you need to send a vacation leave letter as soon as possible. Here are some simple tips that you can follow in writing one.

1. Format your Headline

Every formal letter must contain a properly formatted headline. For vacation leave letters, you need to have a headline that includes the date, employer’s name, position, company name, and salutation. You can also add other optional factors, such as company address, postal code, country, and more.

2. State your Purpose

After addressing your recipient, grab the opportunity to reason out why you are writing this document. Make it direct and short by stating that you want a day or days off work and the reasons why you need to file for a leave. This is a turning point for the approval of your holiday, so you need to present a valid reason.

3. Specify Dates

Dates have one of the most crucial roles in your vacation leave letter. That is why you must mention when you plan to use your days off work, ideally in the first paragraph of your letter. If you want to request a vacation leave with pay, specify the number of entitled days you wish to use. That way, HR can keep track of this in an organized manner.

4. Discuss your Work Preparation

Discuss how you plan on keeping up with your workload before your vacation. Through an organized planner, you can conduct a planning and management matrix of things you need to finish before your vacation leave. If it is possible, you can also voice out the possibility of having a substitute to conduct your tasks while you are away.

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