Vacation is one of the most awaited time of people. They would spend thousands just to get that perfect holiday and travel for family, friends and for themselves. Being a trusted travel agency, you will guarantee your customers that they would have the best summer vacation, cruise vacation or even island vacation that they have experienced in their whole life. To allure more customers to avail, you will need an effective marketing tool. Do not look for anything as we provide you vacation flyer templates that are beautifully-designed, well-crafted and high quality. It is 100% customizable and editable in any file format you want (Adobe Photoshop(.psd), Microsoft Word(.docx), Adobe Illustrator(ai), Apple Pages(.pages), and Adobe InDesign(.indd)) so it lets you include tranquil and vacation feels design that would allure tourists to book with you. Our vacation flyer template is accessible and downloadable to any device available. Help yourself and start making your own vacation flyer with the help of our templates.

What is a Vacation Flyer?

A vacation flyer is a piece of paper that contains useful information about services offered for tourist who would want to spend their vacation in a certain place. Whether you own a resort or beach, a vacation flyer would be an economical and effective tool to enhance your sales as they can be distributed everywhere — on racks, mailboxes, countertops or even on e-mail.

How to Make a Vacation Flyer?

The key to achieving a solid return of investment in your vacation property is through these versatile vacation flyer. If it is intelligently and creatively made, it would be your best tool for the recognition of your vacation place. So in order for you to achieve those amazing benefits, you must follow certain guides and tips on how to make an effective and efficient vacation flyer.

1. Make it Stand Out

The first thing that you wanted for your flyer is for it to catch the attention of your aspiring clientele. Make it an eye candy especially if your customer would personally pick or receive it. You can achieve these through color schemes suitable for vacation, images that unlock knowledge and feelings about summer, and amazing wordplay. Also, remember that your cover is the first thing that your customers would see so make it unique and remarkable to motivate them to pick and read it. For instance, if you have a cruise rental business, you can include a photo of a ship in your cover.

2. Make it Readable

Even though you have an excellent design, they would throw it out if they see blocks and blocks of texts. Customers wanted it straight to the point as they would not like to spend more time in a flyer but rather spend more time on vacation. So to make things fast, use clean fonts and for headlines and contents. Also, bullet points would highly emphasize ideas without taking up a lot of space. You can substitute your plain dots for other symbols that you want and remember to leave some white space.

3. Use Incentives

The best way to lure your clientele is through coupon, giveaways or discounts. Even better, you can include an all-inclusive promo that is available and redeemable into your store or agency. In that way, you can track your success rate with your simple flyers. For instance, if a customer will avail a family trip in your cruise ship, you can give them a 10% discount.

4. Know your Audience

In writing the content of your vacation flyer, make sure to know more about your target audience. If you are aiming for new clients, you can add catchphrases and images. If you want to maintain loyal customers, use language and images that would establish a friendship and appreciation. Regardless of what would your desired audience be, make sure that your text would be suitable for a vacation getaway.

5. Use Powerful Words

Make use of powerful words that would gain the attention of your customers. In that way, you will have a great chance to be read and known rather than be thrown. It would make you bring customers to your vacation spot and would love to hand the responsibility for their vacation.

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