Vouchers can be used as an alternative to cash. It gives customers specific provisions to redeem particular products or services in a given business establishment. If your business is on the haunt of perfect voucher design to utilize and download for free, then downloading our ready-made voucher templates is your best choice. These files are ready-made and professionally handcrafted for your convenience. We have all sorts of designs for discount vouchers, gift vouchers, Christmas vouchers, and many more. These templates are easily editable and 100% customizable in all versions of Microsoft Word. Start personalizing it however you like to suit your preferences, including essential details such as the mechanics on how to use the voucher, the expiration date, and which available business establishment can be redeemed. On top of that, the templates are also printable and made available in 8.5x4 inches with bleed. Get your hands on in our ready-made voucher templates in Microsoft Word for free today! 

How to Make Vouchers in Microsoft Word

A voucher, also known as a receipt or a coupon, is a bond of the redeemable transaction type given to customers by business establishments. Usually, this type of bond is worth a particular monetary value and can only be spent on specific goods and services or for specific reasons. In finance, a bond may refer to a contract between the bond issuers to the holders, and it is used as an instrument of indebtedness.

Vouchers can be of many forms and can serve different purposes. For one, it can be a debit or payment voucher that records the payments, or credit or receipt voucher which are used to represent cash receipt and in a cheque. However, coupons may also be non-cash or transfer vouchers for non-cash transactions, or supporting vouchers that serve as documentary evidence of the deal that happened in the past.

If your business, then, is planning to create vouchers using our ready-made voucher templates in Microsoft Word, consider the easy steps provided for you below to startup:

1. Identify the Template You Need

From a wide selection of voucher templates, choose the ones that best represent your products or services. There are hotel gift voucher, restaurant voucher , blank shopping voucher, and many more. Each template functions not the same because they serve a wide variety of purpose. In this case, choose which one your business needs.

2. Download and Customize

The templates are all downloadable for free. Without costing you a coin or two, you can now enjoy personalizing them and use them to your advantage. Aside from that, these are also fully customizable and easily editable in all versions of Microsoft Word on your personal computer. There’s no need for you to get stressed over inputting necessary details such as the mechanics of the voucher, the expiry date, the redeemable points or valued discount voucher possible to get, the establishments to where you can use it, and other relevant information.

3. Use a Logo

To best promote your brand through sample vouchers, you have to incorporate a well-designed logo of your business. Use a high-quality logo image from your personal computer and avoid downloading it directly from the website. This is to dodge yourself from using pixelated logo images.

4. Check the Details

One way to achieve perfection is to have it rechecked by yourself or by a professional. Proofread the details inputted and make some corrections if there are errors. Accurate information must be observed in all forms of writing, even on making tickets, to advertise your products better and gain legitimate responses from the customers.

5. Consider Making it Available Online

In the United States, as projected, there’s an increasing number of internet users who used digital coupons from 2015 to the year 2021. In 2017 alone, there are about 52 percent of adult U.S. online users who used their devices to redeem online coupons to use for both online and offline shopping. From this account, your business may consider having the vouchers or coupons made available for the public online other than just printing them.

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