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  • What is a white paper?

      A white paper is a document formed to create a marketing presentation that can persuade potential clients to purchase products and/or services.

  • What is the purpose of a white paper?

      The purpose of a white paper is to provide the best way potential solutions to a particular business problem. It can affect the decision-making process of potential customers or clients with informative content.

  • What should white paper include?

      A white paper should include the following sections:

      1. Introduction
      2. Challenge
      3. Overview
      4. Body

  • Are white papers still relevant?

      White papers are still relevant and will remain relevant as long as there is a need to promote your products that offer solutions to the need of your target audience.

  • What makes a good white paper?

      A good and effective white paper must be engaging, educational, actionable, and current so you can expect a positive result from your target audience. For inspiration, you can search online for samples and save it on different formats such as Word, PSD, or InDesign.