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How to Create a White Paper Document?

A white paper document is a document that contains information about a company’s product, services, and/or solutions to a business problem.

On the latest report by the Marketing Institute, an average of 89% B2B marketers are utilizing content marketing. And white paper marketing is one of them. In the 2017 Content Preference Survey, 76% of buyers said they are willing to share information in exchange for white papers. White papers have been part of the business industry for long. But no matter how helpful it is, if it’s not crafted well, it will not be as powerful as it should be. Should you want to craft an effective white paper document, here are some of our tips.

1. Identify Your Audience

Your audience will be your first consideration in writing a white paper document. It’s crucial to know what information your audience will be interested in so you’ll know what needs to be in your document. Always put your target audience in mind while writing.

2. Select a White Paper Topic

Choose a topic that has not been fully discussed by others so you can keep your audience updated with your products and services. Your topic should be able to address a specific problem and provide potential solutions.

3. Do Your Research

A well-researched topic will be more credible to read. Read and research a case study related to your topic and outline your references in your one-page or more document. It will help in increasing the confidence of your target audience towards you.

4. Choose an Enticing Title

Do not simply put “White Paper” on your title. It will not entice your target audience to read your document. Most business writers do not even include this in their white paper. When choosing a title, always consider your audience preferences.

5. Write a Compelling Introduction

Your white paper should be able to hook your reader in the first sentence. Make a captivating introduction by telling your reader what they will gain from reading your presentation, including the things they will accomplish.

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